So if I am following my own @pixelfed account in shouldn't I see my own photos when I post them? First new photo post since I started following myself didn't show up.

@rickscully @pixelfed Your newest post on pixelfed is from July 23. Try posting something on Pixelfed and you should see it on your mastodon home timeline.

@dansup @pixelfed ok. I posted a photo 2 days ago that isn't there now AND my login doesn't work. So maybe that's the issue?

@rickscully @pixelfed Oh a followers only post. I will investigate.

Just logged into the @earth account and everything is working fine.

@dansup @pixelfed Thanks. I forgot it was a followers only AND that I changed my email yesterday. Embarrassing. Sorry.

It makes sense that a followers only wouldn't post to my own Masto as I am not following myself that way.

Thanks for the assistance.

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