@rickscully @fedilab It means now you can use #fedilab to post pics to #pixelfed from your phone, since pixelfed had no proper "app" only web interface. This is HUGE!!!!

IMHO this should have been one of the main priorities, but it's here now:)

@rickscully @fedilab it means #pixelfed can be a full replacement for #instagram for mobile users

@LPS @fedilab This is excellent news. is there an explainer somewhere??!!

@LPS @fedilab oops. looks like I won't be able to use it as a iOS user.

@rickscully @fedilab which app are you using for Mastodon? Hopefully you can find a multi-user app that will allow you to connect to pixel.fed

It says on the appstore that Tootle supports multiple accounts, have no experience with it though


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