home brewing beer 

Appropriate that my 2000th toot is about brewing.

This is what the wort looks like after Vorlauf. I am excited by this pear saison recipe.

time lapse of a brewing step 

A short time lapse of the mash in.

It is supposed to reach 90F/32C today ... in Vermont ... in May FFS.

Good day to be in a cool basement brewing a pear saison.

Pyschodelic Colored Pencil Works 

Been distracting myself in the evenings with some coloring. Downloading B&W and then coloring the images with colored pencils. I haven't colored in many decades. I enjoy this therapy. I scanned the results and am using them as desktop images.

Had to stop the sign up process for this app just to protest this...

This young Burnley supporter joining in on the chant of “wanker, wanker” after Liverpool player kicked the ball to waste time is classic. Approximately just after the 56:00 in the game.

Trying to sign up as a Patreon for the first time. Guess whose app is unusable on an iPhone SE screen? Can’t choose my state because I don’t have access to that part of the screen.

I don’t actually disagree with 45’s lawyer that CA law stating a presidential candidate must produce 5 yrs worth of taxes. The Constitution only says that they have be a naturally born citizen at least 35, & a resident for at least 14 yrs.

BUT when his lawyers use the language quoted in the photo I want to remind them of how their fellow republicans would respond with “if you’ve got nothing to hide, you have no reason to be afraid” while enacting racist stop-and-frisk laws.

Squeeee! A personalized autographed sketch from Ed Koren just made my month!

Pasteurizing strawberries and adding vanilla bean before adding them to the secondary. This is the backbone of our strawberry milkshake NEIPA.

sensitive image? 

Apparently this image will be blurred but it shows as not to me, so apologies if my ugly mug is startling.

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