About the only thing I am having a hard time finding on is a community. Ideally .

I miss arseblog on BirdSite but am glad he also does podcasts and blogs daily.


sport - Arsenal Football 

Disappointing, but he’s 19.

sport rant -footie 

Huddersfield have decided to use a method of playing Arsenal that small clubs have tried in the past: be extremely physical.

Fuck Huddersfield.

Xhaka needs to stop listening to the crowd. But the crowd also needs to stop screaming shoot.

Kit man needs to speak with Lacazette about longer studs. He is slipping often over the last few games.

Same old cheating sp*rs. Son dived and the result was a goal from the set piece.

Those last 2 goals were 2 of the nicest team goals I have seen from Arsenal in a while. Wow!

@rickscully yeah. That’s more like . Giving up a goal in injury time to a team that hasn’t scored all season. Sigh.

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Ahhh. I had forgotten what it was like to not play from behind.

Anyone looking to blame Unai Emery for the loss to Chelsea. Unai didn’t miss the 4 sitters in that game. Aubameyang (x2), Mkhitaryan, and Iwobi did. Still proud of how the team fought back from 2 down. There are good things and they will result in wins soon.

account deactivate, and apps deleted from my phone. As usual, the best place to start for interesting people to follow are members. Now if I can also find some nice supporters to follow, I'll be set.

Live sport - Arsenal v West Brom 

Hope Cech is ok. Looks like he got hit in the bollocks.

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