@chartier Hmmm, at first thought I would have said No to HomePod, but Yes to Alexa or Google because the former is listening for "Hey, Siri" and anonymizes requests and the others are spy networks.

I tell guests about our HomePod not due to privacy but so they can turn on/off the lights.

Is that what you mean by dangerous or more along the lines of this?


Real convo with my spouse:

Me: "I know the contractor will be coming back because he left his ladder here."
[without missing a beat]
Her: "Oh good, so we have co-ladder-al"

I laughed so hard.

@franciecashman I could have sworn you were a Clemson person. Glad to see this. My MiL worked at USC for decades so we often went to sporting events where people were shouting that phrase 😂

@franciecashman @Pixley ever since we got our instant pot I am making so many bean dishes.

@yang and capitalism will continue to bleed workers to death and destroy the planet and that is unlikely to ever change.

Home to supper, and to bed, it being my wedding night, but how many years I cannot tell; but my wife says ten.

@franciecashman we had our first frost and it is a half degree above freezing right now. 😊

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