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@joshmillard admirable but don’t. You have enough stress in your life. If I may so bold to say.

How much value would Mastodon server greylisting provide? Rather than limiting communication to whitelisted trusted servers, you could hide posts from unknown servers until they are approved. Maybe that approval would happen at the user level, maybe at the admin level. Might work well in conjunction with knowing a server's signup policy (e.g. open vs. closed registrations)

Anyone on here using yet and have feedback?

Considering adopting it for our #Vt real estate co-op before we lock ourselves too deeply into Google, but figured I'd check before dropping the $$ for a subscription.

@sean Bringing @joshmillard in case he has any advice, but I think he is more of a physical mediums artist.

@deneb Hmmm, I have been curious about flight, but not as a bird. Oddly enough I don't do well in airplanes anymore, so maybe not something to dwell on for me πŸ˜‚

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Upon learning the lead designer at Automattic is a MAGA chud I'm now looking into WordPress alternatives.

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