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I completed a year-long time-lapse project that started as a request from @pgs

Includes bonus material!


USpol and Godfather reference 

It's public now! Spritely (and myself) have been awarded a Samsung Stack Zero grant! I'm funded for the next two years to bring ActivityPub and the fediverse to the next level. Secure interactions, object capabilities, p2p content delivery, all that stuff!

Testing my new induction hotplate by seeing how long it takes to heat 6 gallons of water.

Really looking forward to adjusting to electric home brewing.

We don’t use all the solar we produce so why was I using propane and shlepping all of my equipment from the basement to the garage (and back)?

sincerepost from someone who is also too old for Mastodon 

🚨 Looking for contract or p/t work 📝

If anyone could use remote contract or p/t help with content strategy, copywriting, a company blog, social media, or documentation, please hit me up. I specialize in tech and distilling complex stuff for regular folks, and I have experience writing for myriad voices and audiences.

#Pinafore is an alternative interface for Mastodon.

You can try it out by signing in with your existing Mastodon account at:

You can also follow the developer at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Mastodon #WebClients #Fediverse

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