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🍓 Downtime - servers reboot 🍓

Tomorrow morning (amsterdam local time) between 9-10:00 we will restart our servers as a result of operating system upgrades. This means things will be unavailable for few minutes (up to 30min) while servers restart.

@pixelfed I posted a photo from my iOS device using Firefox and it looks good there. However, when I go to the desktop version and photo is upside down? Thoughts? Suggestions? (I have deleted the image)

Isn't it weird how we make round pizzas, delivered in square boxes, just to cut them into little triangles before eating.

Hey PDX friends. Is it pure arrogance that leads your brethren to think that everyone who reads or hears "Portland" automatically think "Oregon?"

Because they are wrong.

Excited for our trip to , this weekend for a birthday get-away!

So many great beer and food places, plus get to see moe. play live on my birthday!

Update on the diamond stitch cowl: definitely wish I’d used a different color in place of the blue.

! As active members of the open-source community, ProtonMail supports open source projects like Mastodon. Mastodon’s decentralized nature reminds us of the days when the Internet was free and not under the control of a few monopolist giants. Our followers can look forward to toots about service updates, new projects, and news on privacy.

NOTHING on ESPN or the Baltimore Sun about Frank Robinson? Grrrrrrrr.

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