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Modest proposal: if you have enough money that it seems like a good idea to spend some of it to climb up Mount Everest and then stand in line until you die of exposure, we should tax you until you don't.

Hello, world. Joined on the recommendation of @rickscully. Looking forward to getting to know the lay of the land—this seems like a very viable and active decentralized social media network!

Please don’t wish people a “happy” Memorial Day.

fact: I only know how to use about 10 emojis. The rest, to me, are enigmatic runes that I do not understand

Kid has started watching Dora the Explorer and I've noticed she spends whole episodes aiding kings, queens, princes, and princesses. Dora is an unapologetic and enthusiastic monarchist.

US Pol 

Contacted Travel Channel today after seeing an ad for Alabama and told them I will be boycotting them and their advertisers until they pull the ads. Fuck Alabama.

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