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Meet Dr Adrian Rubin, climatologist. She has a personal site and done online Q&As. The problem? It's a fake persona created to muddy search results for the real Adrian Rubin, a convicted payday loan scammer. My new story & thread about search manipulation:


has a new communications director! @sociallyeleanor is taking over the official social media accounts, blog, and other communication channels

Squeeee! A personalized autographed sketch from Ed Koren just made my month!

Twitter: we can’t ban white supremacy, it’s too difficult.
Ravelry: hold my yarn

By sorted I mean the timelapses will be back to normal in a day or so.

For the 1-2 people who watch the daily timelapse videos, we apologise for the interruption whilst we moved the camera to a new machine. All should be sorted now. Thanks!

Full disclosure, my wife went to high school with Geoffrey Fowler.

I didn't realize until the other day that Snoopy dreams about aerial combat with the Red Baron because plane battles are called dog fights

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