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Finding out that when I am feeling down, Adam Savage really makes me smile.

Watching him make a guitar case for Eric Idle.

I think it is amusing that my neighbor chose the username 'error' and never posted a single thing, comment or otherwise, ever again.

Forgot to mention that this weekend I bottled the first braggot I have ever made. I added chai tea bags and some lactose too. Smells and tastes great, but needs a few weeks to carbonate.

I wrote up the #WickingBed build in a bit more detail on my blog. Please enjoy my half-assed construction skills!

#garden #gardening

My poor doggo is being treated for an ear hematoma and the steroids are making him pee ALL. THE. TIME. And then he is immediately thirsty. He had his first accident in the house EVER today and as a rescue he immediately cowered even though we have never hit him. 😔🐕

Hey, to clarify something about our policies on the Wandering Shop:

We are not a free speech instance, we are a highly moderated instance. We do not support Gab or any of its spin-offs.

This also means that we will suspend based on enough reports, and there isn’t really an appeal.

If that’s a problem, (and it might be! that’s cool, we all have to choose the places we hang out in) I encourage you to find a different server.

I was interviewed for Marketplace today about running your own social network site! You can catch me on NPR stations today or just listen/read here:

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