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Steve Jobs should have done the Willy Wonka thing and had the surviving child become the new Apple CEO.

@mike I just want people to stop adding “out” after print! And I have waited decades. So good luck with the 3D thing.

Serious question for Lindsey Graham: What does Tr*mp have on him and when did Lindsey find out that Tr*mp has something on him?


Accidentally triggered Siri on my laptop somehow and I told Siri to piss off and I think I hurt its feelings.

"Paris zoo unveils the 'blob', an organism with no brain but 720 sexes."

Let's hope it gets Internet access, so we can finally get rid of gender drop-downs in web forms.

If you work for Facebook, I implore you to consider options elsewhere. I bet it looks good on a resume. For now.

Zuck and FB's leaders are determined to profit from becoming an even more dangerous weapon to further dismantle democracy and society.

Please don't help them.

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