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Seeing The Muppets shill for Facebook makes me so sad.

Just finished Detectorists and now I have all the feels. Love that show.

Funny thing about this era of highly networked global communication. We're creating and destroying cultures nearly daily. Microcultures spin up around individual memes and launch off fucking t-shirt lines and hats and tattoos and tribal 'net warfare and then disappear within a few days.

The internet is finally driving a point home to various circles. Culture is highly ephemeral and transitory. You can't group people by culture so easily anymore because we're all part of dozens of overlapping microcultures at any given point. You are your own culture, a venn diagram of all kinds of fun stuff.

"Generations" never really made sense to begin with and are sort of the spherical frictionless cow of humanities and social scientists. Unfortunately, some folks really like tribalism and will use any possible reason to group and isolate people.

What fun is that? Be your own weird, your own microculture. Find folks with comfortable venn diagram overlaps and celebrate where they don't.

Fuck Google. I think we all just assumed that “Don’t” was in front of “Be Evil”

Google's secret cache of medical data includes names and full details of millions – whistleblower

hey everyone there is a user making and remaking accounts this morning and targeting WOC in their racist harassment as well as making transphobic comments

they are on dot social as @ TopRound#

please report if you see another one popping up

Bodies and clothes, body image ~ 

I believe if we work together and truly believe in ourselves we can eventually make Twitter and Facebook look like this.

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