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Whoa. Just looked at yesterday's 24-hour and it's cool as well. The moon was so bright!

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I'm looking forward to tomorrow's timelapse of the farm; should be interesting. We woke to a few cm of snow, and now it is almost gone.

Weird how so many Americans keep saying Iran and Iraq as "eye-ran" and "eye-raq" but never have a problem pronouncing "Italy"

Rain ended and sun is shining! Time to get dirty and work until I drop.

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Looks like today’s yard work will involve getting wet. Not complaining.

I want to finish setting up the trellises in the raised beds and start building new compost bins.

Mostly I try to wear myself out every day to keep anxieties at bay for as long as possible.

Took delivery of compost today. Building new raised beds (using discarded pallets) over the next couple days.

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