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Just learned that George Floyd was a part of the legendary group Screwed Up Click back in the 90s. Billboard’s got a good summary of his career and links to several of his songs.

While we protest his horrific death at the hands of police brutality, I also want to learn about his life and celebrate it. Black lives matter, and his black life matters.

Run The Jewels 4 album release today, as a "pay what you want" donation to the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defence Fund

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got no time for white folk hand-wringing about cops with armored personnel carriers and grenade launchers now when the same white folk were demanding their cops get that shit to "protect them from foreigners"

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Finally some good news. Steve King was primaries!

Trump's staff couldn't even bother to check the church sign for a propaganda photo op.

‪Q - what tool / program have people found works best to convert DocBook XML to Asciidoc? ‬

‪(Want to take a book written in DocBook and update it in a non-XML form. Considered just regular markdown, but I want footnotes and some other features.)‬

Hard to believe we would have been boarding a plane to visit Britain and Ireland today.

I could really do with a good Spanish-speaking moderator right now. Any help appreciated! #mastoadmin

These end abruptly due to power loss from thunderstorms. One can see the storm roll in quickly and then poof no lights.

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Copied from Telegram:

@OurUnitedLeft and @rose_coalition researched protests happening this weekend all day today. Here is the list:

Rust Belt:
•Detroit May 29th, 4 PM 1301 3rd
•Louisville May 29th, 8:30 PM Muhammad Ali Center
• Chicago May 30th, 2 PM Federal Plaza

•Fort Lauderdale May 29th, 4 PM Broward County Commissioners Office
•Atlanta May 29th, 3 PM Centennial Olympic Park
•Nashville May 30th, 3 PM Legislative Plaza

•Dallas May 30th, 1:30 PM City Hall
•Houston May 29th, 2 PM Discovery Green
•San Antonio May 30th, 5 PM Travis Park
•Tulsa Sunday 5 PM Greenwood Cultural Center
•Austin May 30th, 12 PM 715 E 8th St.
•Austin May 31st 1 PM 1100 Congress Ave

West Coast:
•Oakland May 29th, 8 PM Oscar Grant Plaza
•Portland May 29th, 6 PM Peninsula Park
•Sacramento May 29th, 6 PM 3300 12th
•Seattle May 29th, 7 PM Hing Hay Park
•Seattle May 30th, 12 PM 610 5th Ave S
•Los Angeles Saturday 3 PM Mariachi Plaza

East Coast:
•Baltimore May 30th, 3 PM Parking Lot across from 2011 N. Charles St
•Newark, NJ, May 30th, Lincoln Monument, 1PM
•York, PA, May 29th, Foundry Park, 2PM
•D.C., May 29th, 14th St & U, 5PM
•D.C., June 13th, March to Senator’s office or AG’s office, 2PM
•Hampton Roads, VA, May 29th at 7:57PM, Ft Monroe by the Pavillion
•Norfolk, VA, May 29th at 7:57PM, MLK Jr Monument Park

Great Plains:
•Missoula May 29th 10 AM Courthouse Lawn

•Des Moines, Iowa May 29th, 6PM, 25 East St

If you're looking to help protesters, the Minnesota Freedom Fund bails out arrested protestors. I just donated.

Bonus points: at payment, there's an option to cover processing fees so the org gets 100% of the donation. Great idea. I left it on.

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