Ukiyo-e style illustration
"In the name of the Goddess, In the name of Justice,
In the name of Metal, In the name of the Fox God."

Tattoo -
Ukiyo-e style illustration
Inspired by Kitagawa Utamaro, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Suzuki Harunobu & many more.

You can take the girl out of Sakura Gakuin, but you can't take the Sakura Gakuin out of the girl.
Happy Birthday Yui!

It’s a promise. If we’re separated, you might lose heart but don’t despair.
I’ll be cheering for you.
When I open the music box where I collected all my treasures,
They’re bonds between us that have been tested and confirmed.
An Earth made of everyone’s hearts.
– Heart no Hoshi

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