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My first post should probably be what's most important to me.

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I write books about sci-fi detectives and shaman chefs. People seem to like them. Maybe you will, too.

(Not that we ever really stopped, of course, but I think it's fair to say this counts as an escalation.)

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In a very unpopular tweet after the election, I asked how long it would be after Biden was inaugurated before we started bombing brown people again. The answer is 36 days.

Macabre and Erotic Obsessions

From two years ago, my illumination of Japanese culture through its popular illustration.

One wonders what they're going to replace it with.

There was a point in the midst of where the mob turned again Margaret Atwood, feminist icon and author of A Handmaid's Tale, for the crime of suggesting that a male colleague at her university be given due process in the sexual harassment complaint against him, rather than being summarily fired on the spot.

I suggested then that would be the denouement of the movement. I suspect Smith represents something similar, but we'll see.

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Like, *WOW* wow... I mean, I'm cynical AF but... Wow.

But this ideology is "just about being nice," right? Lol

If you can't read the article, it's summarized in this thread.

I realize it's a standard trope of the genre, but I really can't get into thrillers where the plucky couple (or group of hapless teens) being chased by the killer man/animal make mistake after mistake. I briefly root for the killer until I realize how much run time is left and then I just shut it off.

The warlocks come to Harrowood House, from the fifth course of Feast of Shadows.

art by Jan Rozanski

"The bus pulled onto the shoulder to report the bleeder on the side of the highway. A car had clipped the man’s leg, which bent awkwardly to one side. His hands had frozen into fists and his feet were limp, and they wobbled over the asphalt as he dragged himself forward on his elbows, one after the other, as if fleeing for his life in slow motion. He felt neither cold nor pain, and his frosted eyes remained fixed on some distant salvation..."

I may regret sharing this Gallup poll result, but I found it very interesting. Nothing expressly political is implied.

A note of caution: Gen Z is a clear outlier. Keep in mind that because the survey was restricted to persons 18+ at the time it was conducted, that means only five years of Gen Z was included, all college aged (18-23) -- prime experimentation years! I wouldn't be surprised if the Millennial and Gen X numbers were also higher when they were that age.

Some bonus big balls for you.

art by Goodname Studio, Brandon Gobey, Ryan Gitter, and Antoine Collignon

Today's tarot card is... The Hierophant.

This is from The Zombie Tarot, an absolutely amazing deck I shared on the blog a few years ago.

If we can avoid inventing explanations and just look at the numbers, this would seem to suggest most people are not in "echo chambers" -- only a quarter, identically distributed by political leaning.

Although not depicted below, the bulk of people (44%) in the right-leaning quartile are 65+, whereas the bulk of people (40%) in the left-leaning quartile are 30-49. That doesn't mean those ages are in echo chambers. Most won't be. Rather, of those in the quartiles, those are the largest age groups

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