Is it worth it to spend an hour or two recompiling and re-publishing both paperback and e-book at three distributors to fix 1.5 typos?

I dunno, but I just did. (The half error, a missed capital, was in the e-book but not the paperback for some reason.) I appreciate folks sending those my way. I like the books to be pristine, even though I know they never will be.

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@rickwayne this has allowed game publishers to publish broken games without consequences, I think you just opened pandora's box once again

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whenever I hear .5 of anything, my mind immediately goes to my favorite YouTube video:

it's 25 minutes, but i find the depth utterly fascinating. the amount of effort that goes into building a good video game is impressive, but the amount of ingenuity to unpack and abuse the mechanics for hijinks is off the charts.

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@tychi I'm always up for learning stuff. I'll have to check that out later. thanks.

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@rickwayne definitely let me know what you think when you do :)

The most interesting piece to me is when he gets into the alternate realities, but needs to get back to the original reality, since that's the only reality where you can complete the level.

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@tychi It's appropriate to the new novel, which is tangentially about gaming.

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@rickwayne out now or work in progress?

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@tychi WIP, the 2nd installment in a series of near-future mysteries I call Science Crimes Division. The first, about life in the post-factual future, is up on my website.

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