"A Beast From the West" by Sangyeob Park

This could be such a fantastic book, an inverse of the classic Marco Polo adventure, where a heroic Westerner is forever changed by a visit to the Far East.

An outpost on the fringes of the T'ang dynasty discovers the corpse of a great beast bearing wounds of battle and a lance through its chest.

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After being summoned to the capital by the Emperor, the minor provincial official who made the discovery is ordered to lead a small band to the West to find the creature's origin and determine if there is a threat.

The band finds adventure and a land in chaos, a century after the fall of a great empire, when warlords try to best each other with ancient creatures and mythical weapons.

@rickwayne it is claimed the Chinese fought Roman troops at Zhizhi and sent emissaries to the court of Roman emperor Augustus during the Han dynasty. Certainly they were players in central asia during the tang, pushing out surviving Greek ruled central asian states you also never hear about, a legacy of Alexander and the Seleucid dynasty in Persia afterward.

@veer66 @rickwayne to really understand this connection, it helps to realize that, along with Alexandria in Egypt, Alexander founded a similarly important cultural center in the east that is today mispronounced Kandahar... Greeks,, Chinese, Tibetans all vied for control of the then emerging silk road.


I have heard quite a bit, but I did my degree in Classics!

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