It's Friday. Time for another round of "What does it do?"

at: Neil Houari

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@rickwayne this must be some kind of morse code or primitive encryption confabulator device to transmit coded messages

@lain @rickwayne is that one of these:

a morse-code machine for Russian language
an ultra-sound hacking machine for former versions of echo/alexa

@rickwayne it fuckn slaps, that’s what.
For real though, not reading Russian, I’m guessing some kind of diagnostic/service device for military computerised equipment which doesn’t always need a full keyboard attachment. Or maybe some kind of radio-teletype-cryptography box?

@rickwayne I looked it up. I hate being right about everything all the time.

@thendrix This is a recurring game where the point is to come up with fun answers, not necessarily a "right" one, but okay.

@rickwayne translate letters to morse code and beep them away via the cable. right?

@rickwayne is it a morse device or an encryption thing or something?

@rickwayne a nerd trap?
show a picture of it to a bunch of nerds and keep them occupied for a day or two

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