**Products from Israeli-occupied areas and settlements should be labeled - EU court adviser**

"The adviser has said that labeling must take "ethical considerations" into account. The advice was given as the top EU court is set to review a labeling policy put in place by France in 2016."


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Oh dear. "Financial troubles have forced Maker Media, the company behind crafting publication MAKE: magazine as well as the science and art festival Maker Faire, to lay off its entire staff of 22 and pause all operations."

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No matter how many times I visit Mastodon, it never turns up in the frequently visited suggestions on my phone's browser. Hmm.

**Pope Francis urges hairdressers to stop gossiping**

"The Pope told hairdressers to "avoid succumbing to the temptation of chatter." He said they should take inspiration from a 16th century saint who was known for cutting hair, bloodletting and amputations."


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Stereoscopic views of Meiji-era Japan, photographed by T. Enami. Fantastic stereography and exquisite hand-coloring.


Whenever I hear "We need more programmers! Make more young people interested in programming! Teach programming at kindergarten!" I always get the urge to ask "What did you do with the old ones you had?"

Where are all those programmers you hired 5-20 years ago? Why is no programmer at your company older than 40? Why do you have *senior* software engineers that are 25 years old? What did you do to all those people?

If you can't take care of your employees, no wonder you never have enough.

**Far-right rally for Hitler's birthday draws crowd of just 20**

"More than 2,000 people rallied in the western German town of Ingelheim in a counterdemo against plans to celebrate the date. The Hitler rally went ahead after organizers got a ban overturned by a regional court."


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All these years I thought Grace Jones's "Pull Up to the Bumper" was about parking a car. Turns out, if you listen closely, it's NAUGHTY!

Interpreting online reviews:

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: this person has not used the product

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: this person has used the product and liked it

⭐️⭐️⭐️: this person used the product and disliked it

⭐️⭐️: this person used the product and it hurt them

⭐️: this person does not know how to use the product and is afraid to admit it

Sometimes I wonder where the people who failed history class end up and then I see shit like this

**Resistance to killer robots growing**

"Activists from 35 countries met in Berlin this week to call for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons, ahead of new talks on such weapons in Geneva. They say that if Germany took the lead, other countries would follow"


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@lunaterra in the future, cryptographers figure out how to hide information from God, allowing people to communicate all sorts of thoughts without going to hell

Suggestions for unusual stations are always appreciated.

Examples of things I love, and listen to regularly:

American Theater Organ Society Radio
Argentine Tango Radio
Blue Heron Radio
Efteling Kids Radio
Illinois Street Lounge [SomaFM]
Luxuria Music
Nostalgie Poetes
Quiet Village
Radio Dismuke
Radio Movimiento [P-CUN]
Radio Québec International 2
Resonance Extra
Resonance FM
Science 360
Secret Agent [SomaFM]
Seeburg 1000
Sub FM

Boquila trifoliolata is a vine which lives in temperate rainforests in Chile and Argentina. It looks pretty unexciting, but that's just what the plant wants you to think!

This plant will mimic the leaves of any tree it grows on, or even mimic leaves which happen to be nearby. No one knows how it does this.

The vine doesn't need any physical contact to do this. Some botanists think it can "smell" and recognise nearby plants. More outlandishly, others wonder if it might have rudimentary vision.

**Netherlands to recognise Gaza Strip and West Bank as birthplaces**

"Netherlands will allow those born after May 15, 1948 to use occupied Palestinian territories as official place of birth."


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