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Not the most welcoming community of smart arses this mastodon shite is it?

Does anyone on here use Vero! I don’t understand mastodon already - now I’m on 2 networks I don’t understand!

‪Looking for a NYE playlist? Why not visit The Right Side Of Funky - we’ve got it covered!

Been saving this - I have to live a game behind so settling in to watch Palace trounce City! Good luck @CPFC

The great iOS wait is in full swing but in the meantime the music bank has been topped up with over 24 hours of raw deep funky vibrations!

Apple bastards keep rejecting my app as being generated from a website!

‪Q&A with the mighty @samqur hot off the keyboard over at The Right Side of Funky folks - hit up the Interviews page @

I know I twonk a lot and some peeps don’t get twatter but am I the only plum that doesn’t understand the point of ‘your story’ on facebonk and Instaglum?

Q&A with @liquidanderson now available on the Interviews page @ The Right Side Of Funky

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