News from the WeekendChallenge.. don't we all have a *bad day* sometimes? Or know it will start bad as soon as we wake up? 😂


... was last weekends topic of the Weekend Challenge at

And a new one from the ! This time the topic is "fragments", and will fragments be everything we have left in the future?

Title is "You have 1 unread messages." and as usual I'm doing exercises in !

New blog post up! This time about space ships on my project - and how I won't use these ships and make a change to the visual style in general. As always done in .

And while I am at it, here the entry for this week's topic, "paranormal" 👻

My next entry in's weekend challenge.

Topic: **surrealism**

I went with a somewhat political approach, as you can see 🤯

Going to pick up on blenderartists' weekend challenge more regularly now. This weeks theme: snails! 🐌

New blogpost up!


Getting materials and lighting going, for once some renders to show, no more in-editor-shots!

RSS on

Finally! Actually it was much easier than I thought, didn't dare to tackle it easier.

(almost) fixed the language switch on my blog - I hope it wasn't too inconvenient.👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾

So I started texturing today. Who recognizes that color pallette? 🎨

Remembered I have some older lowpoly characters that got never really used in a project. Maybe now 🤔

New blog post up!

Finally I could settle on a way to model my spaceship corridors. Some things have to get done faster in future :D

Next step: Textures!

The new corridor is almost done, I think (modelling-wise). Tomorrow I'll look over it and then start texturing and prepare a new blogpost. But now it's bedtime!


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