New blog post up! This time about space ships on my project - and how I won't use these ships and make a change to the visual style in general. As always done in .

New blogpost up!


Getting materials and lighting going, for once some renders to show, no more in-editor-shots!

We switched off everything. Literally everything. Oxymasks will last 30 minutes. Temperature will be subzero in 10 minutes. It is dark. I can already see their searchlights, reflected by the rocks in the sky. They will pass us soon. I can count three ships. I am pretty sure it's just three. Three means a minor patrol. They don't expect to find something.
But still, they are here. Why? I don't know. I can't see the others. I really hope, they also don't know.

Remembered I have some older lowpoly characters that got never really used in a project. Maybe now 🤔

New blog post up!

Finally I could settle on a way to model my spaceship corridors. Some things have to get done faster in future :D

Next step: Textures!

These asteroids are ours. You won't take them away from us. You got into power with so many lies, and we never believed you. But so many did. Your so-called empire is a joke, overseen and forgotten, sitting on the rim of the galaxy.
Send your ships, stop our trade, destroy our bases. We won't stop fighting you back. Your citizens already know of what kind you are. It's too late for them to correct their mistake. Soon you will see how it is not too late for us.


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