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Finally! Actually it was much easier than I thought, didn't dare to tackle it easier.

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"You look sad," the dragon said.
The old knight smiled wanly. "Not sad, exactly. Wistful. I'm nearing the end of my life."
"Any regrets?"
"That you won't be remembered as a dragonslayer?"
"No! No, that's a young man's foolish ambition."
"You will be remembered, my love."

(almost) fixed the language switch on my blog - I hope it wasn't too inconvenient.👨‍🌾 👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾👨‍🌾

Color names are mine and not precise, so ignore these please.

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So I started texturing today. Who recognizes that color pallette? 🎨

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Titanichthys paintings I made back in 2018

Left: A titan fish giving birth in shallow waters, spooking a local Phyllolepis

(Other genera featured: Stenosteus)

Right: The feeding titan fishes seen from below, accompanied by Diplognathus

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We switched off everything. Literally everything. Oxymasks will last 30 minutes. Temperature will be subzero in 10 minutes. It is dark. I can already see their searchlights, reflected by the rocks in the sky. They will pass us soon. I can count three ships. I am pretty sure it's just three. Three means a minor patrol. They don't expect to find something.
But still, they are here. Why? I don't know. I can't see the others. I really hope, they also don't know.

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More local street art in Enmore - part of a building-length piece near the TAFE at Enmore

Remembered I have some older lowpoly characters that got never really used in a project. Maybe now 🤔

New blog post up!

Finally I could settle on a way to model my spaceship corridors. Some things have to get done faster in future :D

Next step: Textures!

@DU_HW_IO durch Blog, Nachrichten, Forum.. eines davon, ich erinnere es nicht mehr genau

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The new corridor is almost done, I think (modelling-wise). Tomorrow I'll look over it and then start texturing and prepare a new blogpost. But now it's bedtime! Ja danke, und Moin zurück :) Hat vielleicht keine unmittelbaren Auswirkungen, aber jetzt haben alle mal gesehen, wie man Druck auf Facebook ausüben kann. (Zumindest mir) kam das bisher immer so vor, als könnten die im Grunde machen was sie wollen. Der Kratzer bleibt, denke ich. Ich muss off, schönen Abend und schönes WE! :) Die Zeiten sind bei mir iwie auch vorbei wo ich da wenigstens mässig gut drin war hehe

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