Now working on a control that will enable the user to manually set the image output size.

This makes it just a little bit easier to work on both a React and Vue project at the same time.

FilePond has gathered 5,000 GitHub Stars ✨ Thanks everyone! 🙏

Doka.js v3 brings components and is now in production 💫

✅ In-page editing with <Doka>
✅ Fullscreen editing with <DokaModal>
✅ Overlay editor on another element with <DokaOverlay>


Opening the Captain Marvel website on a 56K Dial-up connection...

Plz rename "See less often" to "Ask me again in a few weeks" kthx

I'm curious, do you use vanilla JavaScript UI components in your , , or projects?

I'm finishing up the Doka React adapter. It'll expose a <DokaPreview>, <DokaInline>, and <DokaModal> component. This should make using Doka in React projects even easier than it is now. 💙

I stopped using Prettier a while ago, I liked it quite a lot, but my brain can't deal with Prettier removing parentheses where it sees fit. I need them to stay put.

✅ FilePond React, Vue, and Angular adapters have been updated to use FilePond 4.x

Updated all FilePond plugin peer dependencies 👍

I'm now testing the Angular, React, and Vue adapters for FilePond.

I just published version 4.0.0 of FilePond 💫

🍱 Now supports grid view, control grid layout with CSS
🍡 Added sorting, sort on file drop, and/or use `sort` method
🦟 Existing bugs squashed
☘️ Most likely introduced new bugs

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