15 minutes into DARK season 2 episode 1... Who are all these people?!?

Have been experimenting with lighterhtml and a custom redux like central state manager, so far things are looking bright ☀️

👨‍💻 I wrote a quick step-by-step guide on how to use the FilePond Image Transform and Image Resize plugin to generate image thumbnails on the client.


🎊 Doka.js 4.4 Color Controls Update, Now Available

👩‍🔬 Finetune color brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation.
🎨 Color values are now defined as Custom Properties.
🕶️ Added "Bright" theme.

👉 pqina.nl/doka/

⌚️ Updated my Apple Watch to OS 6 dev beta..

..turns out it can't pair with my iPhone running iOS 12..

..it can only pair with iOS 13 dev beta..

..fine, but installation of iOS 13 beta requires MacOS 15 dev beta..

..and Xcode 11 dev beta..


me: read the word "transitioned"

brain: record scratch "transitionend" you're welcome bai

Finally after years of waiting, skipping the emoji stage, our historically classic Dutch snack is now available as an HTML element, @pimderks@twitter.com welcomes us to the era of the <frikandel> 🔥

Get ready to bask in all its glory 👉

☀️I’m adding brightness and contrast controls to Doka.

🍮I’ve also been busy tweaking spacing around controls and limiting image bouncyness when switching between views.

A trash bag ruptured and its contents fell back into the bin releasing a mushroom cloud of fungal spores in my face... you better lock your doors 🧟‍♂️

Accidental broken fluorescent tube effect, I hear demon sounds behin...

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