It’s working quite well ✨

Now switching to a different camera app so I can set a fixed focus and color balance.

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After slight rotation correction, cropping, dropping a couple of frames, and then converting it to a GIF with this is the 256 × 256 end result ✂️

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It's going to be displayed at 80 × 80, for the people concerned about the pixel quality.

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@rikschennink not sure if camera app on Samsung Galaxy series is the Android default, but on those you can set it the mode to pro and set everything manually. You might need a gesture to access it.

I generally distrust third party stuff more than vanilla apps 😛

@timsev i don’t think this can be done with iOS unfortunately. I purchased FiLMiC, horrible interface, but can fix focus and color temps, result is quite okay.

@rikschennink on-topic: that’s a great budget set-up. Is this for user testing or recording demos?

@timsev capturing product video with actual fingers so you get a feel for interface response time :)

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