an exploratory appendage, dangling ever closer, curious to figure out what your deal is, exactly.

here is a curious mollusk.

this morphology presents a fun outfit design challenge. afk labbing squid drip.

"It's all just... a lot, you know? Like, we haven't even mentioned this floating orb, which has just kinda... been there? Ever since we spawned? Did we come from it? Is it part of us? can understand why we have limited bandwidth for new problems at the moment."

I was rereading some old Game Players mags and tried to recreate the insane, manic, borderline inscrutable energy that radiated from 90s video game ads. they all looked vaguely like this, but made even less sense.

just pretend I spaced these out over the past few months like someone with a coherent social media strategy.

• I don’t know if I’m going to redraw these larvae, but I kinda like how dumpy and simple they look, juxtaposed with their substrate
• the ol’ razzle dazzle
• everyone’s favorite nightmare duck, in a hallway you’ve never been in before but seems weirdly familiar?
• a parasitic orb that’s just trying to be open and honest and to make things right

can’t believe I’ve been making content and then not posting it, like a fool—a fool!

so here we have:

• some paper dolls, testing outfits
• an autobiographical insomnia doodle
• so I got into YouTube microscopy videos for a bit and drew… fan art? I guess? just a lil’ flagellate OC
• an updated animation of the sphereshaper spawning and dying

Pectinidaen ambassadors will courteously guide you and your party through Zoa's immigration process.

ol' tobby two-ghosts. she does not like this nickname, but everyone calls her that anyway due to one of her many curses.

some more insomnia doodles from last night: an echinoderm array, a nephropid cultist, a box kite cnidaria, a hen-o'-th'-woods, an abstract installation, and a mysterious interventionist.

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