Some doodles from the day. We got a gore orb trying its best to fit in, a cursed archeologist, and some marketing screenfolk with their adbots.

Bonus: my stuff arrived from the West coast over the weekend, so I took breaks from hot-weather box-moving to doodle a grabber guy & some tiles/rugs

A space marine spawning facility and an orientation droid.

Built a new perch at the new place for these tiny dinosaurs. Dowels and twine.

couldn't sleep, so I drew another bird horror. I've always loved enemies that can spawn other enemies indefinitely, because they're just absolute nightmares if they're even vaguely biological

Building out the stable of bird monsters with this commuter doodle from last week.

Lore: a perfectionist mad scientist flet his creations weren't horrifying enough for his ideal doomsday. Desperate for inspiration, he created a cute dream monitoring/sharing program, ChooSys ("choo" is the birdfolks' onomatopoeia for snoring), to data mine nightmares. ChooSys determines it can mine faster if dreams never end, trapping everyone in perpetual sleep, much to the scientist's chagrin.

Some breakfast / lunch break / commute doodles from the past few days. There's a dog with 3 orbs, an accusatory alien, and a very Silent Hill-lookin' guy. Also, I realized when I'm stressed, I tend to iterate on BG elements. So that explains all the plants I guess.

Sometimes meeting new sentient lifeforms results in a mutually-beneficial cultural exchange. Sometimes.

Two folks for tonight. The first one is an incapacitated hero, one of many who failed on their quest, and now stares forever upwards in the madness-thrall of the elder thing who's summoning they failed to prevent. The other person is a rich sophisticate in a fancy vehicle. Hovering vehicles with a near-unlimited power source are very powerful, but no roof leaves the driver fairly vulnerable to flying threats!

Original text, for reference / further insights:



Got some Japanese-language RTs on the bird site, so I had some adventures in translation software:

Translation 1: "No, too!, great! .... What makes this feel so dumb?"

Me: "Haha, wow, I seem to be a notable example of awful foreign art! That's awesome."

Translation 2: "No, it's amazing! .... What produces this indescribable feeling?"

Me: *too flattered to speak* 😭

You know how you can spend a lot of time on something, then draw a line and say, "No: it's done, I need to do other things," but then as soon as that conviction fades even a little you spend a ton of hours just fiddling around with different details instead of doing those other things?

Anyway, let's call this a "second draft."

Adbots love to spam creepypasta about the parts-strewn battlefield of The Great Consolidation, but one piece of content has particularly high-engagement metrics as of late. Legend has it, one non-Omni brand somehow managed to escape liquidation—but not completely. Broken, defunct, and with absolutely no remaining subscribers, this undead brand now scours the wastes, cobbling together an unholy marketing campaign from whatever working components it can find... maybe even YOURS.

Commute doodle: an adbot criminal, who serves ads by the illegal means of spray-painting them onto walls or even onto the displays of other screenfolk.

A few folks from today. We got your adbots, a snail who's embraced the new flesh, and a dinosaur from an island with no predators.

Lot of changes recently. New time zone, so my insomnia doodles are much earlier (or later? I'm not a time doctor) than before!

Recently I became kinda enamored with old mythological monsters that were literally just a few different animals smushed together. I believe that provides sufficient context for this image.

Some for you fine folks!
• A sad alien in some outfits.
• Another take on an older astronaut doodle.
• A jolly fellow who lives at the end of your hallway which hey was your hallway always this long huh that's weird.
• Two takes on a 1-bit ghost that I'm just now noticing looks kinda like Sans Undertale whoops.

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