Some for you fine folks!
• A sad alien in some outfits.
• Another take on an older astronaut doodle.
• A jolly fellow who lives at the end of your hallway which hey was your hallway always this long huh that's weird.
• Two takes on a 1-bit ghost that I'm just now noticing looks kinda like Sans Undertale whoops.

Insomnia doodle repost: phytoleoptera, the coniferous seed beetle.

This fancy little entity can create
[ornate portals] on physical surfaces with its [inscrutable technology].

Some wifi scouts, one with an outfit and one scandalously without. As they explore, they put up little router antennas to relay info back to their scientists.

Tinkered around with the design a bit, and made a template for generating some iterations of these folks.

A dreamer and their holographically-rendered dreams, who are programmatically incapable of observing their dreamers. Normally dreamers are holo-camouflaged to outside observers as well, but this one's got a big ol' crack in their dang rendering orb!

That point in a roguelike where the only resource you still have is your health.

Insomnia doodle: A holographically-rendered dream that has a very high opinion of itself.

These folks are very cautious and won't leave their hermetically-sealed society without an isolation suit. Even their pets have to wear little suits (something their culture finds pretty cute).

Abstract structures, floating geometry, runic halos... all classic monster looks.

@rinski the best part about doodling monsters when I can’t sleep is I can technically say stuff like, “my restless nights I am kept awake by stark visions of otherworldly horrors”

Insomnia doodles! Fig 1.) An unsettling cartoon bird with unknown motives. Fig 2.) An Ancient Ornate, a mysterious cosmic entity known only for being extremely legally distinct from anything in the Lovecraft estate.

here's a wanderin' anemone stack. out for a midnight stroll, just wriggling and making soft, unpleasant sounds

This bird monster is one "straight-shooter!" (while you were processing that pun you were shot)

@rinski (assuming I ever want to finish this project, at least)

I kept absent-mindedly adding details to this guy. It's a more well-defined look, but I'm not sure it's reasonable for me to pursue this level of detail, from a stylistic standpoint.

this grumpy guy lives in a hole in a swamp and eats most kinds of garbage. feeding it garbage will decrease its grumpiness, but honestly, not by all that much.

Lunch break touch-ups. [Third post's the charm, hopefully? Not sure why the previous few attempts were so blurry.]

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