@heroicsoftware hadn't heard of this one before but it looks rad as hell, dang

a wandering estate & a hungry guy on a floating platform— polar opposites on the "how much I dread animating their walk cycles" spectrum.

one of the things that's going to take me forever to finish, but that I think will be really neat, is coming up with an antagonist arc for every character, in the off-chance certain conditions line up just right.

Here's a giant gastropod and their cephalopod sidekick, having undoubtedly zany and madcap adventures under the sea.

here's a slug who has more butt than you might expect. if you run into problems that can be solved by raw physique, posing, flexing, or hinge on someone's rigid beliefs about how much butt a slug can have, this fellow is sure to be helpful.

a brainy cephalopod on a hoverboard.

this game is going to be very hoverboard-centric because I am bad at animation

[PSA voice] The God of the Gaps is only as strong as They are unknown. Only share pics of Them in an *emergency* and *only* with auto-delete enabled. Sure, taking a duck-face selfie with God might seem "hilarious," but when God goes viral They gets incredibly weak. And that means our siphons draw less power. And that means rolling blackouts. And you don't want to be stuck with a dead battery the next time They manifest.

good morning! ☕
today's doodles include:
• hazardous environment scout
• the mad tour guide of an abandoned postal service museum
• shopper
• statuesque entity
• ceremonial attendant with ill intent
• assistant manager
• ghost vessel
• looming apothecary
• mirror fools

In the dream mall, try to stick near others, even though you might get antagonized by space teens. The abandoned shops can yield rare treasure, but the halls will start to grow longer and twisted, exits gradually enveloped by drywall and product displays.

Some denizens of Neo Biomass 3 attempt to disable a nearby space marine spawner.

we got all your favorite popular sci-fi archetypes:
• alien animal
• spiky, keeps yelling
• suspicious drifter
• ramshackle beach bum golem
• small ghost, large depression
• fancy dress party alien
• full of ennui and their face is 5 horizontal bars

you can always tell how much trouble I had finishing a drawing by the size of the array of iterations

a traditional perimeter defenses structure of the space marines.

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