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A minor ornate. Testing out a slightly different aura design. I think it helps it pop a little more away from the background.


Fun fact: I actually first drew one of these things back in 6th grade. They were amalgamations of the three things I felt like I could draw competently at the time: cartoons, monsters, and machinery.

I think they'll slot well into a dream world.

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Last doodle of 2019— an ancient ornate. These entities were summoned to your world by a fanatic and have subjugated your people. Experiential parasites, they force your people to endure terrible ordeals for their vicarious enjoyment.

Things I drew this year that I like the best!
Left: an Ornate—an inscrutable entity festooned with eldritch accessories and a cute asymmetric haircut.
Right: TK_STARTUP trawls the parts-strewn battlefield of The Great Acquisition to cobble together its brand.

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Today I level up once again and am reminded of how appreciative I am of all you folks who help keep me motivated to make stuff! So thanks! <3

Friday vacation day doodlin': RF golem.

These husks are animated by radio frequencies emanating from long-forgotten bunkers. Running off power sources that will outlive their sun, they search for enemies in a war that's long since ended.

me, dying by the sword: oh great now people will make assumptions about how I lived

Doodl from tonight: a metachimera known as a paradox sentinel: a construct made from incongruent ideas. They don't believe a thing such as themselves could exist, so therefore nothing exists. They can become very violent if you [challenge] their [ideology].

going through old doodles for assets and was unsure of which I'd posted before—so here's a bunch and I hope some are new to you!

also made a gargoyle and a demon and a background for them to live on!

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My buddy’s notes called for a "hammerjammer" so I made this geese knight and then made lore for the geese because I am tired with insomnia

they were originally named hammerjam and mer, but hammerjam never liked their name and goes by clyde now. despite that, because they had such good brand recognition as "hammerjammer" they begrudgingly keep the team name.

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prolly should have made this CW more clear—it's an artist appreciation post for Laurie Lipton.

Her art has themes of psychological horror and emotional incest, there is also some incidental nudity, though that's not the focus.

Horror, charcoal-illustrated nudity & emotional incest 

Drawing in color made me want to do a charcoal artist appreciation post.

In case you folks haven't heard of her, one of my favorite contemporary, queer, post-Francis-Bacon artists is Laurie Lipton.

A lot of art about the horror of growing up a lesbian in the shitty suburbs. A lot of great general horror. Her work is a pretty big inspiration for me and I still aim to purchase the original of Veil (the cobweb one).

makin sprites for a buddy's game so that means working with a【palette】and using【colors】

the majority of how I express queerness is by over-aggressively making "no homo" moments into "partially homo" moments

Matriarch Wallu in her estate. Her bloodline traces back to the old gods, who would manipulate reality for their own inscrutable machinations—for her, suddenly materializing on a capsule in space isn't that strange.

Weekend doodlin': pit pontiff. A high-ranking cultist that slumbers in the deepest pores of the topflesh. They can communicate with the Unknown Unknown to curry extra-dimensional favors.

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