I continue to gaze into his eyes, which never waver from the open side. Suddenly, the disc is up, going to the BREAK side, directly to my person.

In that moment, the memories all come flooding back. Providence Mob, me and Bloom. It used to be me he threw no look flicks to. How could I have ever forgotten....

-Oliver Khamky


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I'm totally locked in, defending my person. The disc swings to a former teammate of mine from many moons ago, one Christopher Bloom. His silver locks of hair flowing majestically in the wind initially catch my attention, but really it's his majestic eyes that draw me in completely. He is looking to the open side while my opponent is cutting break side, so I take the opportunity to catch my breath.


Dante would stop playing momentarily to make sure a potentially injured player (ex. after a collision or someone getting a cleat flat tire) was ok rather than using it as an opportunity to poach or take advantage of them on offense.


was dishing a disc to a teammate when it got blocked by Jamie. I stood there pondering for a few seconds about whether or not it was out of my hands when he hit it. Suddenly, I processed that he had immediately called a foul on himself! Thanks Jamie!

-Oliver Khamky


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