spent 10 seconds on . The rest of the time was spent on announcements the media thought were lacklustre. (They weren't kind to the CEO either.)

Whatever: our coming releases - with some fanfare as well - will straddle 24/9. Most know by now that '24' is a magick #?

Quite a lot to explain, and we shall in an update, but our 'scanning' apps all just got unbelievably fast!

You know what this is a sign of, Timmie? It's a sign that you have NFC what they're doing and they don't either. What an utter mess you've made of Unix!

Remember when 's beige box bozos said it was better with one program and one folder to put it in?

New ACP File Engine going through paces, release September. Special introductory prices at that time! rixstep.com/xfsystem

There are no - repeat no - such files (.DS_Store) if you cancel Finder's contract completely.

One wonders if anyone at has a FC what they're doing? Do they even realise what their architecture's leading to? System files in open common areas, in user-specific areas? Works good if you seal (read:hide) it, but what if users can see it?

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