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things that are red:
🦐 🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐🦐

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might fuck around and end up being abducted by a cryptid in a cornfield tonight ☺️

y'all still out here???? if I yell yeehaw into the void will the void yeehaw back???

every now and then I check this place to see what's happened.........feels empty

everyone's DEAD and I'm the only one alive in this CORNFIELD with an overwhelming sense of DREAD because I can hear the corn monster getting close

i use yeehaw as a period now and that makes me scared yeehaw

me: *feels any sort of emotion*
me: its cuz of my pisces mars huh :///

nothing wrong with listening to some Funky Jazz on this fine afternoon

me @ my minecraft cats: you are,,,,my baby,,,,and I would Die for you ,,,,,

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