Your Bank Manager and Insurance agents are NOT your financial advisors. They are looking to meet their targets my making you commit to random things that might end up harmful than being helpful.

A friend who is a Central Govt employee said, he is going to do a SIP with his wife PAN with a time horizon of 20-30 yrs. With the reputation that Income Tax department has, it's anyone's guess what he will have to go through when he retires and takes the money out.

And the person who gave the idea to do it in wife's PAN - his bank manager.

I mean what could possibly go wrong for a retiree when he realizes he had put his retirement fund in a person's name with no source of income right?


@tecoholic Even the professional financial advisors giving out idea's like that. Tried to contact famous one for Mutual Fund related queries and they just focus only on some popular MF companies and offerings. Meeting targets is more important for them now a days

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@rizwan Oh god. Thank goodness. People need to learn the basics of investing. Everyone spends their entire life earning it, only a few learn to manage it. A couple of hours every month would go a long way.

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