@hugo @jamie that was neat. I’ll gonna try to do the same.

Amazon's The Expanse > Netflix's Lost in Space

@jamie @hugo How do you connect to home network PI VPN from outside? Static IP or any other ways? I have a pi at home, been thinking of making it PLEX media server. Im sure VPN wont be a overkill

@tecoholic Even the professional financial advisors giving out idea's like that. Tried to contact famous one for Mutual Fund related queries and they just focus only on some popular MF companies and offerings. Meeting targets is more important for them now a days

It's one of those days where i start my day with "All i want for christmas is You" from Spotify

@shinjini @williamconna I don’t have any problem downloading from India Apple Store. It just works fine

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We want to add a moderator who speaks Hindi to the mastodon.social team. Must uphold our code of conduct, must stick around on Mastodon, some monetary compensation is included.

Apply over DM or reply. Will try to get through the applications in the following days (I’m not home though)

@Gargron Yes. Settled down with 1Password and iCloud password suggestions now.

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Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

Probably some nice CDN work done on Mac App store updates.

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Usually Xcode downloads are slow (at least in India) but today's update it bit different. I was able to download at my full bandwidth. Never had this speed in previous downloads.

Captain Marvel - My take 

there were lots of goosebumps scenes which doesn't have to do anything with Avengers.

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Captain Marvel - My take 

Don't really understand why Captain Marvel got negative reviews. Watched it last week - definitely good movie overall.

I would rate 7.5/10

@brunoph too much teasing. When i can get it in my hand. Any beta?

@brunoph did you get the invite already? if not i can send you one

Finally finished "The Umbrella academy" from Netflix.

Overall it's a good watch but i feel there are time its too slow and wasted on character building. Could have trimmed into 30-35 mins episode. Especially after watching "Alter carbon" and "Dragon prince" was expecting shorter and fast series

I would rate 8/10

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Open role in @ Apple: Accessibility Software Standards Engineer. This is Cupertino based. You will “represent Apple in the international standards community” & “lead investigations[…]for upcoming standards initiatives”

Come work w/ me!


Couldn't restraint my self

Bought a .dev domain

Finished "the dragon prince season 2" and "lost in space".

Next up added to list
- tidying up with Marie kondo
- umberalla acadamy

What are you watching or added to ur list?

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