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Spotify is coming to India and launching end of this month. Expecting a competitive pricing

TIL that cocoapods has a plugin for use pods as binary. You can find more on that here

But it will not work on release build. Thought of saving some CI build time since React native whole project is build with my app. After adding RN to my main app its taking ~20 min for fresh release build on CI. Where it used to be ~<10mins

Back in india. No need for a vpn to access mastodon. Expect more toots from me!

Spend too much on my credit card past month. Last min flight tickets and airport purchases (international).

Today my bank increased the limit almost 50%

I really controlling to spend some money online right now! 😑

Singapore airport is one of the best. If you have a chance for a long transit don't afraid to take that via Singapore.

Miss writing Swift!

After almost 3 months of Javascript (react native) writing swift. 💥

Only thing I miss is hot reload 🤷‍♂️

For those who don't know. Its used to create custom animation when you present a screen.

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Finally used UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning and created a custom animator.

This is the first time i actually use in real project. Always i see other people does that but never ever tried it by myself.

Recent habit which helps me to save time is listening podcasts or watching videos (YT and others) in 1.5x or 2x speed.

You should try that. It does save a little time.

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Holy Sh*t

There is no way to control the play back speed in iTunes for podcast.

No wonder everyone prefer third party podcast players with rich features for voice and speed

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Hey all! I really haven’t had time to upkeep Tusk since starting my new job. So I’ve re-upped the TestFlight build and open-sourced the code:

If any of you want to be deputized to review PRs, let me know!

Happy new year eveyone! Hope all of you spend some quality time with your love ones in 2019.

2018 & life 

Not really have any goal or plan for 2019 though. So just trying to focus on health, family and work.

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2018 & life 

On the other side some really good things

- my bro got a daughter March
- I became father in June ( wish my dad was there to see my son)
- saved my job by taking right decision
- self realisation on health side
- kicked off my badminton towards end of the year
- learnt react native

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2018 & life 

Tbh 2018 is really tough for me.

- lost my dad in April
- mom is still on hemo dialysis and no improvement or so
- almost lost my job bcz of family issues
- gained lots of weight - probably chances of diabetics is higher than 2017
- spend lots of my time and energy to move dad assets legally to mom

Is there any way to remotely update react native apps?

All I can find is code push from Microsoft and now it's moved to their app center. Don't really want to move apps to App center just for one feature.

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"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late."

- Reid Hoffman

Did anyone successfully setup a WireGuard server on digital ocean or any Ubuntu server?

I'm facing issues with Linux headers not available for my current Ubuntu kernal.

Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrate.

For others happy holidays!!!

One of the best book I have read in 2018 so far!

"It doesn't have to be crazy at work" by Jason and David from Basecamp.

Also can't belive I finished the whole book in one day. Usually it would take month to finish reading a book but this one stood up and lots of tiny things which has become new normal in today's work world.

Finished 3 books this year and targetting for 12 books in next year. Suggest me some good books from your reading list.

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