You were a Modi groupie weren't you? Didn't see this coming? What can one say to willing dupes of fascists.
@_YogendraYadav I don't live on campus. My wife teaches there. Her students live on campus. They have been calling in fear. This is an organised attack that alumnus like me should stand up against.

AAP which wants statehood for Delhi, voted to support BJP to strip statehood from J&K and dismember it into Union Territories, while it was under President's Rule.


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal: Full statehood will be a part of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) election manifesto and the people of Delhi will appeal to Central govt that Delhi should be given the status of a state.



Why is Indian media so silent on the victory of in Zilla Parishad cum Local bodies polls across Maharashtra ??

- Aurangabad (Congress)

- Kolhapur (Congress)

- Gadchiroli (Congress)

- Beed (NCP)

- Nashik (Shivsena)

Media should be asking: Where is BJP?



Sanjay Hegde, SC advocate, speaks at the Bengaluru anti-CAA Satyagraha

"Fraternity is love of one Indian towards another and the pledge that we will not tolerate injustice suffered by any Indian

This is enshrined in our constitution. CAA-NRC violates this basic premise"


@rji If that's all it takes, I'm afraid I'm gonna start being even more complacent than I already am.

Yeah, I TOTALLY believe you when you boast about how much you love persecuted minorities from other countries when I know how much you loathe your own mother-in-law and also, by the way, how often you pray to me that I make her trip on the stairs on her way to the laughter-therapy class in the park.

If I wanted another genocide to occur I couldn't have come up with a better pre-game pep-talk than "you can identify who the arsonists are by their clothes".

Inspired coaching by Demagogue-in-Chief!


The issue is NOT the Citizenship Amendment Act by itself. It is the combination of NRC and Citizenship Act. The protests in most parts of India are against BOTH not one


So the BJP is still begging the SS to join them in Maharashtra and has offered to make compromises. Do you think the SS will accept their offer?

Students of Jamia Millia Islamia have no right to protest! Because it was founded by a Muslim?

Once upon a time BJP & RSS had folks like Arun Shourie to peddle their agenda by writing half baked fictitious things in the name of literature. Now that job is taken over by folks like Vivek Agnihotri.


Hello - here is an Indian study at IIT Delhi in 2012 that did health impacts analysis of particulate pollution in Delhi and estimated 7,350–16,200 premature deaths and 6 million asthma attacks per yr. What now?


Watch "Thanedaar Justice With Jugaad Jurisprudence - My speech on the Ayodhya Judgment" on YouTube

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the national conference of directors-general and inspectors general of police to be held in Pune from 6 to 8 December.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is also likely to attend the conference.

And do what?


Disqualified MLA .. Vishwanath contesting from Hunsur Assembly constituency is canvassing with police protection. About 50 policemen are around him to save from the public anger. This is the situation of all the disqualified MLA candidates... All of them are set to lose for sure.


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