nothing, just scrolling through timeline

Sunday morning, lazy enough to get u from bed

sunday evening toot...nothing on my mind

Wireless headsets should have an option for memory card slot through which music can be played. Imagine iPod in a headset

On the profile page, it will be cool if we have something like "since <month/year>, for ex: "since Jan, 2017"

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Now that I am up though, I'm baking a blueberry cake-like pudding for breakfast.
Because being an adult means you can have cake whenever you want. :)

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Do we need to fear the rise of AI in the future
Good q/a with Martin Ford, author Rise of The Robots

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My sweetest memory
Your messages
My biggest sadness
The distance!
My biggest hope
I will see you soon!
My strongest prayer
Our relation continues forever.

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