The algorithm used to produce todays image of a black hole was created by Katie Bouman as part of her research using emerging computational methods to push the boundaries of interdisciplinary imaging.

CW: Eye contact

Got to level 17 of Tetris DS Marathon and my battery died 😐

@Gargron Just look at this crap. It used to be perfectly fine a year ago, every page looked good, what happened? The worst part is it's wildly inconsistent now, with basic terms getting translated differently everywhere

Тутс next to посты и ответы oh my god, is there any quality assurance? :(

Whoa, did the quality of Russian translation of mastodon drop while I wasn't looking. Следы и последователи, seriously now?! What's that about threads suddenly getting to be нити? It looks like a google translate in a lot of places right now

Flying to tomorrow to play for LC/BC, wish us luck :D

8yo studiously remakes her RPGMaker hotel in Minecraft. Trying to surreptitiously get into her head suggesting writing some automation scripts

There should be a name for the kind of mixed feelings I get when my underground hotel room comes with an accordion

YouTube’s algorithm sent me this gem of a channel this morning: Nybbles and Bytes. It’s one of those PBS-style retro computing shows like Explaining Computers except for two very important differences:

1. The focus is on low level software programming on retro computers

2. The host is a trans femme

This is literally new new favorite channel and I hope anyone interested gives her a subscription because support our family!

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