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Ratmir Karabut @rkarabut@mastodon.social

computer science programs should spend a LOT more time and effort teaching students how to do effective technical writing

I'm Carina, a mixed filipina person who draws. I like bright saturated colors and weird shapes. Talk to me about sad cartoons or whatever. mastodon.social/media/esUXBlRr

in a move that is sure to have no negative consequences for me, i have taught the boys how to hide under the covers with a flashlight and read books.

🇬🇧 I heard you like ballet, so here's the Boston Nutcracker ballet bear

🇷🇺 Медведь из балета «Щелкунчик» в Бостоне

mastodon.social/media/Ljkx0nL1 mastodon.social/media/SLgSmTzc

day 13. A quick and shaky- handed one cuz I'm kinda aura migrainey. Also I did some cheeky shading with my water soluble Derwent sketchbrush and my water pen thing.

i missed a lot of #inktober due to illness. i’m not going to try to catch up but instead just continue on. the prompts i used for this one were: (anthropomorphic) “cat ♂” and “huntsman”

A third not completely perfect H.P. Lovecraft drawing. It is a portrait of the fictional Maine captain, Obed Marsh, that is slowly turning into a fishman.

#art #artwithopensource #linuxartists #krita #cthulhu #deepone #Lovecraft

The other two drawings are here:


and here: