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Ratmir Karabut @rkarabut@mastodon.social

I haven't really found anything to draw in Beijing (sorry), so it's gonna be the 7yo for now

Thinking about switching to daily Dogs sketches for the time being 🤔

Thinking about GMing a Dogs in the Vineyard campaign, doodling along to get the mood going

by the way, to be absolutely clear:

fuck nazis.

fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Pleroma.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Mastodon.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use GNU Social.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Hubzilla.
fuck nazis on the fediverse who use Friendica.

fuck ICE.
fuck the TSA.

fuck Sessions.
fuck Trump.

Growing @nostarch presence in the soon-to-be 8yo's dashing life of adventure

doodled some random things while watching a video where Tim Burton and his movies are torn a new one and it's satisfying

Drew some cuties at the zoo today- red panda was posing and the hippo was chilling.
#zoo #drawing #mastoart #doodle #sketchbook #sketch #art #artist #traditionalart

fun game dev idea: have the life counter start at ∞, but then once the player dies it ticks down to a sideways 7

From the creators of I Will Never Be a Programmer, a new hit: Debugging at Midnight

Built some experimental solar panels with 7yo (current right under a sunlit window is about 250mA, the voltage is 17V which is probably a bit excessive)