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Oh, also I guess I've found the main reason why third-party wiimotes aren't supported by anything. I need to do more work reversing their HCI traffic on WiiU connections because no easy fix comes to mind, but I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track. Cheap linux wiimotes FTW!

By the way, finished Left Hand of Darkness (never read it, great of course) and Miller's A Canticle For Leibowitz (pretty good but a bit meandering to my taste). And now scavenging through early sixties sci-fi brings me to Alas, Babylon and it seems to be quite fine as well. Man do I have a lot of oldies on my backlog.

7yo just helped me succesfully get HCI captures of a newly established 3r party wiimote / WiiU connection, a connection with a known console and a couple of attempted connections with pybluez/wmgui 👌

Ho hum so dolphin people actually did realize third-party wiimotes couldn't be found using GIAC and switched to LIAC some time ago (I've been patching it everywhere lately): github.com/dolphin-emu/dolphin

Of course those wiimotes still don't work right, and it's my mission to make them


Sejd is the Danish word for the religious magic of the ancient #Scandinavians– Seiðr in old #Norse – often performed by women as it was considered shameful for men. The male God #Odin was none the less the most important deity when it came to Sejd - having gone through quite some ordeals to acquire the arts of #magic.

I will publish this soon in high resolution as #creativecommons on my Diaspora-profile.

#art #artwithopensource #linuxartists #krita #drawing