Mastadon refreshes your TL while you are in the middle of reading a post JUST LIKE some other site does.
Huh 🤔

Wasting billions of dollars to buy Twitter rather than putting that money towards creating the greatest aftershave known to man and calling it Elon's Musk is absolute lowest tier decision-making.

New here.
Is there a trending page like on Twitter?
Can I interact with

Exiled from Twitter.
How do I hook up with "weird mastadon?"
Is there a weird Mastadon?
Do they have a special hashtag?

I felt a great disturbance in the Cloud, as if millions of birds suddenly tweeted out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.

I'm Peg.
From Weird Twitter.
I like jokes and news.
Where are the gifs on this thing???

Hello again!
Dusting off the account in case E-lon throws me off of the twitter. 👋

The power went out at Mama Pickles' house.
Her recliner is electric, as is her hospital bed.
Thank the gods that it came back on!
Longest hour of my life!!!

Watching Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band for the first time since the drive-in in 1978.
It's just as bad as I remembered. (And I was in love with Peter Frampton!)

If you're thinking of someone, call them.
They might really need to hear your voice right now.

I'm past done with being responsible.
Where do I turn in my Adult card? I wanna quit.

'Disinfectant in the body, you know what they call that? They call that embalming' —Speaker Nancy Pelosi


Our last cat standing is Jazzy.
Also known as Jasmin, Jazz, Jazzy-matazzy, and Jasmin Ashley Marie.

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We've also had:
Kokomo, a.k.a. the hervot.
Muchka, a.k.a. Poo-pooh

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Question today on Twitter:
1. What is your pet's real name, and 2. What do you call them?
I'll start.
1. James Walter Mario Carlos
2. Jimi. Or Himmie, Himmie bimmie, butt-buddy.

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