If you’re using Mastodon on a Mac inside Fluid (fluidapp.com/) and you’ve paid for Fluid, you can add userstyles to change the UI.

I moved the tab bar to the side and remove some of the padding to make it feel closer to a proper app, styles are here: gist.github.com/rmlewisuk/c8ac

Only thing I’m missing is using command+n to add a new Toot, but I’m not sure that’s possible because Fluid uses that for new window.

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@forgottentowel I haven’t looked yet but I might be able to override with the user scripts in Fluid. Will keep you updated.

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@rmlewisuk for some reason I’m not getting this to work. I dropped the CSS into the userstyles, and the box is checked, but nothing. 🧐 Any ideas?

@AaronLMGoodwin Have you refreshed with command+r? It doesn’t live update.

Or failing that, it only works at certain widths, try making the window slightly smaller.

@rmlewisuk Yeah, I tried that, trried restarting the app, and changed sizes, but nothing. I'm assuming I didn't set it up properly in the user styles.

@AaronLMGoodwin seeing your screenshot, I have it as though it's one column (around 600px) it doesn't work for larger sizes.

@rmlewisuk I’ve tried it at smaller window sizes too. I’ll keep poking around. Thanks pal!

@AaronLMGoodwin I just now realised the problem; you have to pattern match for the URL for it to apply:

@rmlewisuk Oh snap, that's it! I always forget what's "app" specific or not for fluid. Thanks a ton!

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