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OH: "Well, so far the infinite monkey theorem is just giving us an infinite number of JavaScript frameworks, and no Shakespeare"

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smart things, planned obsolescence  

I don't want smart TVs, smart fridges, smart whatever, I want plain dumb and easy to repair things without planned obsolescence

I have a plain dumb bike that I repair every so often with a 5€ adjustable wrench that fits in my pocket, in at most three minutes if I don't need to change an air chamber

It's cool because it's cheap, it's cool because I don't have to buy a new bike everytime the chain goes off, it's cool because I get to do something with my own hands, it's cool because even if it's too complicated for me I can just go and ask anyone who knows how to repair it, not a certified™ repairer for my bike brand that may not exist anymore or not be present in my neighborhood

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