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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

I just got a good look at the scar that I've been itching on my back for the last two days, and unrelated, how exactly does one verify they're still in possession of two kidneys?

"Thank you for your explanation, my understanding did not decrease."

I'm not being (entirely) snarky either, y'all know how it is when someone gives a Technically Correct response to something that only makes everything more confusing.

This macro I'm debugging contains three commas in a row, abandon hope all ye who enter here.

I think there's only one board game I've spent more than $360 on, and it's one I've played around 850 times over the last four years. Admittedly at most a quarter of those used the actual physical set. Hm.

Imagine being in a culture where nut taps are so pervasive that you get triggered whenever someone outside the group tries to initiate a handshake.

Every once in a while I get exposed to a proper video gaming culture and holy fuck some people are really obsessed with the right to talk shit as the only meaningful social good.

A: This Perl script is 250 lines long, it's obviously doing too many unnecessary things.

B: ...Like line breaks?

Continuing to hem and haw over the fact Switch cost per game barely approaches my normal per-board-game cost.

ASMR Roleplay: Tender and Emotionally Intelligent Funky Kong Consoles You After A Messy Divorce

I hear there is a secret song
Alexa plays when things go wrong
But music is a thing you often veto

Finding a pre-vacation note to myself that I should write some kind of essay, but not about *what*.

Thanks a ton, past rngesus. You tried. :-|

...It might be time to commit to a non-m.s main server

I really need to do more regular work on my personal projects so I don't have to relearn sqlite + SQLAlchemy every 2 years or so <_<

Trying to figure out what else to add with Symphony No 9. I've become much less enthusiastic about ordering piles of games due to pickiness and also two of my game groups dissolving. :-/

Back from PAX Unplugged! I learned 20 new !

Highlights were Symphony No. 9, TOKYO METRO, Pyramid Poker, and Res Arcana. Symphony I want to play despite losing by a factor of two because the teacher skipped an important rule, so I'm confident in its quality.

First Contact had an interesting concept that I want to like but I'm not sure whether it has a degenerate strategy that renders the game too straightforward.

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