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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

Back from SHUX! I played 29 distinct , 24 of which were new to me. Winners were War Chest: Nobility, Sorcerer City, Trapwords, and Point Salad.

Letter Jam was nice but you already know whether you like the game. It's been prone to consonant glut the few times I've played since.

PARKS might be good but one round of play is really not enough to evaluate an engine builder. Pretty, though.

Need to retry Ecos now that I know how points are made. (I was only ever taught to abstain.)

In Vancouver I almost missed my flight because I tried trusting a taxi service over the public transit.

In Chicago I almost missed my flight because I tried trusting the public transit over a taxi service.

Way out of mana for the week, so instead I'm starting dumb fights by interjecting "This sounds like a job for the blockchain" during every meeting.

I am more entertained by fiddling with this math trade matrix than is probably healthy. .

I'd pick Las Vegas because it's a) simple, b) involves indirect player interaction that is nonetheless mean, and c) has dice chucking, which everyone likes.

Close-but-not-quite: Modern Art (#12, 8.5/10) and Acquire (#62, 7.6/10) are too heavy on math for a blind offer. New York Slice (#67, 7.5/10) seems hard for a new player to teach but maybe I'm underestimating people. Alhambra (#78, 7.4/10) is low on player interaction and can be a bit unintuitive (e.g. no making change).

While making small talk today I was asked for *new-ish recommendation for someone who isn't really familiar with the hobby. While I just named usual suspects (Carcassonne, King of Tokyo, et al) it occurred to me that I'm not actually sure what my "best" rec there is.

The game I rank highest that I'd be willing to offer to a "muggle" to go home and play with no further assistance is Las Vegas (#88, 7.2/10). What about everyone else?

@rngesus_wept Yup, the Gate Witch got 1 + 1 turns after the last shot, doing 8 damage to Gravehold (and setting up a second recursed turn), but then Lash's card came up and he swung for 7 + 4 + 7.

And now that Jian has been rescued from their unsuccessful shopping trip, I'm going to go figure out what food is IRL.

@rngesus_wept This has turned out to be less of a contest than I thought it would be. Lash has taken 16 + 4 turns to the nemesis' 8 and has basically blocked or silenced all the effects that would normally be giving the Gate Witch extra turns. The boss is at 18/70 and spells are swinging for between 4 and 7 damage each time.

Haunted Berylite is ridiculous, Silence is ridiculous, Level 3 Treasures are ridiculous.

@rngesus_wept Well, Jian is clearly in no shape to go... wherever it was they were headed. Guess it's up to Lash to drag them back home before-

"Well well well well well well well look who it is."

Oh god damn it.

(Gate Witch does the same kind of extra turns bullshit that Lash does. I've always thought of them as destined rivals or some nonsense like that.)

@rngesus_wept Lash loots the body.

Of the Treasures, the Bandolier, the Choker, and the Prism all look pretty strong. Bandolier feels like it's going to taper off in endgame when cards are worth more than 1 damage and 1 charge, but maybe it accelerates me hard enough in early game to be worthwhile. Prism makes Dual Flash really silly (15 damage for two spells).

Haunted Berylite replaces Sifter's Pearl as a way to make Galvanized Bauble useful in late game. Not convinced by the others.

@rngesus_wept Finished off Magus of Cloaks with a Dust Caller after it purged one of my Pyromancies just before I could cast it. Final turn count was 13 for the nemesis and 27 + 6 for me. Taking extra turns is pretty great! Especially when you take one damage and Silence a minion that would have hit you for 4 or 5.

@rngesus_wept I'm now 10 nemesis turns and 20 + 3 player turns in. Taking the extra chip damage early to get extra turns really helps with acceleration, turns out. So Lash may yet make it through... though now, the nemesis is in Tier 3.

@rngesus_wept So there's this problem where Lash's power budget is in his ability to take extra turns in exchange for damage. But player damage was already something of a problem for us, so I'm not optimistic about this fight..

@rngesus_wept So Jian is knocked out, with this cloaked figure going through their pockets (and maybe even stealing their cloak), when Lash comes upon them. "Stop! Get away from my friend! Oh my god, are you all right, Jian?"

"...and what's this you've got in your pocket?!"

@rngesus_wept Welp, that's game - Veil Daughter does 4 damage to Jian, which is doubled and redirected to Gravehold because Jian is exhausted. (You don't stop playing when your character dies, though it does cause a cascade of effects which can lead to your loss anyhow.)

I'm not entirely clear on why the town is taking siege damage while Jian is nominally on an expedition, but it's how the game works /shrug

Hopefully I'll have better luck ducking out for dinner before retrying this.

@rngesus_wept Welp, now we're in endgame. 6 life (and 9 nemesis tokens) to chew through.

Thank butts for Muted Lacosite letting me turn $5 into Silence so I don't have to worry about getting ganked by minions.

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