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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

If you and up to 9 other friends like frying your brains and being mad at nerd jokes you should sign up for the 2022 Galactic Hunt!

rngesus plays For Sale 

Buddy I know I may be headed for perpetual bachelorhood but I'm not looking to advertise it that blatantly lol

Doing online for a while because the roommate's come down with Covid (outdoor party) and I don't want to risk spreading it around.

Did some more tests with a buffed version of Kel. I tried out a passive charge generation buff, but it turns out that even if you can get those few extra charges, it doesn't matter when the ability you spend them on is shit in the first place.

My dreams have started giving me ideas but they go even deeper into my existing niche of "There are no deep insights or tricky a-has; it's clear what you need to do but not how to do it efficiently."

Mass shooting, race 

Since the first thing I heard about this event was that it targeted Taiwanese people, I am weirdly relieved that the shooter in California was Chinese. Like at least the weird specificity is something vaguely expected, and it's not the MAGA crowd suddenly deciding we're, I dunno, secretly all Bill Gates descendents who've been putting transgender radiation into all those semiconductors we export.

Please do not take that and run with it. I am leaving out the pun on purpose.

Skipped night yesterday, but did try out the Imperial Settlers sequel Empires of the North solo. Overall, it was some good engine building. I'm not sure it does much to alleviate the runaway actions problem that the original and Everdell have (the winner plays for 5+ minutes longer than everyone else). Also, being a solo game, didn't get to see the dynamics of the "fuck you" raid action.

Interesting enough to solo, but I'm not convinced it'd be right to pull my gaming groups into.

With 11 points to spend, what would you buy for a rematch against The Wanderer? (I am probably going to mess with the numbers some, now that I've played this out. The L3 Treasures are a little too cheap despite my efforts to calibrate, and/or the XP gain is a little high at 4 per player per fight.)

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Currently testing a point buy system for Treasures, among other Expedition things in . Lost a match vs Wanderer; Inco's deck was too full of good cards and the attack landed 2 more Gravehold damage than we could tolerate.

There's this weird late-game dynamic with Wanderer where you don't want to kill all of its Pylons (because they tank Unleashes) and you have to choose between buying charges and killing the boss. In the end, I couldn't get a Gravehold heal out in time.

Yellow & Yangtze was a loss 9-8-5-3. I probably played a more passive game than I should have. Still not sure how to correctly intervene in cases where someone is clearly winning (at least, without explicitly whining for players to gang up on the leader, which I consider to be poor form).

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Tonight's were and Yellow & Yangtze and I need to remember to take pictures lol

Aeon's End was a 3P win against Crooked Mask, unusually by deck-out. Our (new) Taqren player very nearly didn't get his healing effects online (spent too much time buying Gems) but once he did his and Phaedraxa's abilities kept us stable. Still, the multiple turns of doing nothing but econ left us lacking in damage output, so it's a good thing that we had mages that could support a pivot.

Unusually busy night tonight at the place. Got to rope a bunch of new players into , though, which is great. I went 3-2; the local Arakune main is getting better at not folding under melee pressure but still relies heavily on getting both copies of `f,g inverse` boosted right out of the gate. Maybe I should start Parrying for it turn 1...

Quick round of #ArkNova solo 

...after watching a tips video [1] that boiled down to aligning early card selection for a quick conservation goal AND using it to gain the +worker bonus (normally I'd default to +income). I managed to hit the goal round 1 but felt kind of stymied in midgame due to cash and the inability to cycle Association up to the point where I'd actually care about having the extra worker. Still, finished at +12, so something worked out.


Just wrapped up our Increased Difficulty run of Legacy of Gravehold with only two losses. Definitely made some use of our foreknowledge of Nemesis mechanics, but mostly it was about picking up specific mages to do degenerate things with (whereas the first time through, we'd be inclined to switch around for novelty's sake).

I really want to watch someone who needs to run on Easy difficulty, just because I don't know what they'd be doing to require that.

tonight: Taught The Great Zimbabwe and got my Xango rush cut off by someone who had enough money for it. My theory is that I should have Shaman'd two turns prior but it's hard to say how things pan out because incentives and plans are so intricate!

Also played Hollywood Blockbuster (a.k.a. Dream Factory) for the first time. Medium-light Knizia auction game from the turn of the century. Won by 4 points, mainly by winning exactly the auctions I needed to and pushing the other bids up.

Wasn't there some article about how even with insomnia it's useful to just lie back and get some rest? I suppose that includes putting down one's phone...

If I can't sleep maybe I should go do some Emacs housekeeping...

Maybe I shouldn't have hashtagged that game, doesn't seem like I'm in great company :|

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today: Abandon All Artichokes, TtR New York, Azul, 2 x

Turns out the character with the "hits at really weird ranges" shtick doesn't like it when you just stick to their face :)

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