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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

I had a nightmare about trying to get a bunch of philistines to play Letter Jam properly instead of dumping out the box contents and making up rules as they go.

night was 2P only. 1 round of Vindication, which I lost by 7 points, and two victories in War Chest.

Vindication continues to be very much an engine builder, though I think one's success relies a bit much on the initial companion and secret quests (and any synergies they present), as well as whether exploration reveals the location tiles needed in the right part of the map.

Slowly hooking people in the puzzle hunt group on Aeon's End, woooo~

First play of recently-fulfilled Vindication at night. You're a fugitive of some kind and you're wandering around on a map trying to get honor (points).

This is an action selection / engine building game disguised as a dude-on-a-map game, and I think the game gets a lot more interesting (at least, for Euro-ish gamers) once you realize that. In some ways it's what I wish Hyperborea had been, even if the similarities between those two are mostly superficial. High 7 or low 8 out of 10.

Playing a lot of Aeon's End lately in anticipation of Wave 4 (The New Age) finally arriving next week.

Also introduced a friend to Hansa Teutonica (2009), which he was really happy with and wanted to play again immediately. Just another reminder that even with all the new stuff coming out there are some really solid from before the current boom.

I think I'm going to start an educational nonprofit, whose purpose is to teach young people the importance of throwing adults off the scent.

Fireworks are the second most American thing I enjoyed yesterday, the first being the fistful of deep fried Oreos I put in my face

Learned Zero sumZ (which in the same genre as SET) and IOTA (which is in the same genre as Qwirkle), and also taught Skulls, For Sale, and Las Vegas. Also saw some Codenames and Unstable Unicorns from other groups while waiting for fireworks.

Finally got around to playing Wingspan. It's nice though both tables engaged in some speculation on whether Common Raven needs a nerf (i.e. can't be played into the middle row). Will need to play a few more times if I care enough to decide.

For Friday I learned:
* I am garbage at Suburbia, by a factor of 2.
* I am pretty good at Keyflower, by a factor of 2.

I keep buying board games thinking I'm buying time and energy to play them. 😐

Other notable items -- Nations (-36%) is pretty old; most people who want it probably already have it. Expansions/accessories behave weirdly. Founders of Gloomhaven (-60%) suffered from being in a completely different genre than Gloomhaven itself (and I feel like it's outclassed by Great Zimbabwe). Villainous (-10%) barely dropped at all despite its quality; might have been low stock in the first place since it's primarily distributed through Target. Betrayal Legacy (-12%) is young for the list.

It's interesting to look at the final prices of on Miniature Market's Drop and think about the arc of a game's popularity. For example First Martians went down to $11 (-68%; I'm biased against Portal Games but SU&SD's review probably killed it), while better/more popular games seem to make it to 20-25% off before people push the button (Luxor, Betrayal, Coimbra, Dino Island).

Let's see how far goes...

I should not be nearly as tempted by the Iron Clays wooden box set as I am.

I know it's not very interesting to tell stories about things that didn't happen but I'd never considered that being forced to sell a building due to negative income could actually be a strong play. (I won the game by ~30 points anyhow.) It's something I'll have to keep an eye out for in future games because it's guaranteed to blindside *someone*.

An interesting moment from Brass: I had my Crate I (3 VP, 2 link) flipped in Birmingham where two other players had three links (i.e. 6 VP). If I had exactly $6 on the penultimate Canal turn I could have built two Canals, bankrupting myself and forcing me to sell the Crate due to my -$1 income. The sale gives me $4, I pay $1, and with my early turn ($6 low spend) I build my last Canal ($3) and ship. It gets the shipping/beer rhythm right *and* kicks two opponents for 6 VP.

But I had exactly $7.

This weekend in :
Brass: Birmingham, Troyes, Ticket to Ride: India, Tokyo Highway, 7 Wonders Duel, Fox in the Forest

Hadn't played Troyes in a while. Still good but feels very action-limited. Obviously part of the design (and maybe due to some midgame kicking), but I can't help but wonder what happens if every player is given a free wild card d6 for their pool each round (which can still be bought from them).

I was not expecting Stellaris to feel so much like an incremental game.

As much as I scoff at the Always Terraforming Mars table at my Friday meetup, I've kind of become the Always Aeon's End leader myself. <_<

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