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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

I think at this point I'm irrecoverably behind my target of learning 100 new this year. I've learned maybe 5 new since quarantine started 😕

More than ever I remain convinced no lessons will be learned from this, aside from “you can ignore reality and the people will follow happily you straight into hell.” I hope to be proven wrong but don’t expect to be.

Hopefully I can make a fun game to distract from the dystopia.

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I've cooked for myself more in the past week than I have for the decade before that <_<

5.5/100 new for the year!

**Oceans** is a half-addition; I participated in the first round of playtesting. Now that it's out, I must say I'm a bit disappointed. The action limit and the prospect of constant upkeep makes it much harder to build out a tableau the way you would in the original **Evolution**. Also I think some of the "Deep" card effects are a little too crazy with no counterplay - Invasive Predator comes to mind.

Going to try again but for now, feeling meh about it.

First of the new year:

Hand-held a couple newcomers through Taverns of Tiefenthal (my fault for being late to game night). It looked good despite some rumors that it was too light without all the modules.

Also taught PARKS (#11 new to me 2019) and finally learned Lovecraft Letter, which was more interesting than the original.

Finally, 3 rounds of Aeon's End, getting 2 2P losses vs Arachnos+, and 1 4P win vs Bladius. Yup, still a great game (#3 lifetime).

Top 10 Published/New to Me 2019:

24. Point Salad
23. Ecos: The First Continent
22. Hadara
21. Barrage
13. Letter Jam

10. Raiders of the North Sea (2015)
9. Rune Stones
8. Q.E. (2017 -> 2019)
7. Irish Gauge (2014 -> 2019)
6. Sorcerer City (2020)
5. Bus (1999 -> 2019)
4. Gùgōng (2018)
3. Key Market (2010 -> 2019)
2. It's a Wonderful World
1. The Magnificent

PAXU Post-Mortem (6/?) 

**Fafnir** is the latest in Oink Games' series of tiny , wherein there's a chicken that shits gems? And you bid on the gems with... other gems??? Somebody please explain the economy to me.

All gems are equal for bidding (raw quantity wins), but only the two most common gem colors among all players are worth positive points (and the rest are worth negative). So there's an underlying commodity speculation game in what is otherwise a light title.

Chicken pun here.

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PAXU Post-Mortem (5/?) 

I must confess I had a very bad first game of **Colors of Paris** due to diving straight into the deep end with variable player powers. My opponent drew had a scaling action economy from turn one, so I only got to play half as much of a as he did. It feels like a balance issue so glaring I question its playtesting, though I could see experience helping for counterplay. I still think there's an interesting game beside that, but damn that was rough.

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Look, UPS, I may have just paid $50 for a bunch of cardboard, but I refuse to pay $8 for a bunch of cardboard.

PAXU Post-Mortem (4/?) 

I also enjoyed **Square on Sale** (from 2005; it's truly rare for Japanese to make it across the Pacific, and often slow besides). It's Othello on a 5 x 5 grid, but each piece must be placed via auction, and multiple spaces can be up for bidding at the same time. People can even start bids on already-occupied spaces, making the corners much sketchier. Multithreaded auctioning is My Jam (see Keyflower), though I've seen an auctionized classic in Game of 49.

PAXU Post-Mortem (3/?) 

I like using the First Look section to try out Japanese I wouldn't otherwise have access to.

This time I played **Madrino**, an architectural roll-and-write wherein I built an apartment with two toilets facing each other, for added intimacy. I liked it, but victory is based on arguing for your cause (i.e. subjective) rather than anything quantifiable. Probably fine, as it's not meant to be taken particularly seriously anyhow.

@Gargron I'm not sure who's running the birdsite MastodonProject account, but they have engaged in a discussion [1] over my use of CW in this toot [2]. I decline to provide the binding between my Twitter account and this one, but I have provided my rationale here [3] in case you would like to forward the pointer to them.

Thanks for all your hard work!


PAXU Post-Mortem (2/?) 

Conversely, *Borderlands: Not Worth My Character Limit* is an unmitigated garbage fire. Imagine like *Unstable Unicorns* or *Exploding Kittens*, except without any of the cute art or even an attempt at the humor.

The endgame is continuous top-decking to see who can draw correctly. The only thing that puts this above *Munchkin* is the fact that you can stop actually paying attention during that phase, and at least it has the grace to end quickly.

PAXU Post-Mortem (1/?) 

To my surprise, *Minecraft: Builders & Biomes* was not bad. It has two basic activities - combat and building. Combat grants some building benefits, but not vice versa, so you can't ignore that half of the game. It's just as well - kids in playtest probably favored swords over set collection, and the path to victory should feature the fun parts of the game.

Anyway, if you're considering buying for a kid, this one won't bore you to death (at least not instantly)

Back from PAX Unplugged! 

I played 24 distinct , 23 of which were new to me. (The 24th was EXCEED, which I helped demo a bunch.) Winners were It's a Wonderful World, The Magnificent, and Q.E. (Incidentally, the three games I impulsively paid MSRP for by the end of the con.)

Also did the math trade, in which I traded [14 games and $45] for [21 games (13 new to me), 3 expansions, and a promo]. It occurs to me that I'd planned to ditch more no-longer-played games than I would get back...

Surprising my manager with investigative skills honed through a decade of avoiding talking to coworkers.

Someday I will graduate from being a glorified script kiddie.

Today I learned that if I ever think the answer to a trivia question is a country in the Middle East, I should blind-guess IRAN no matter what I think the answer actually is.

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