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Hi, I'm someone who plays too many (BattleCON, Keyflower, Concordia, Modern Art, Great Zimbabwe). Show me pls. I listen primarily to music (Neil Cicierega is a genius). I mainly code in but is my favorite (can you tell?).

I really can't stay up until 3 on a whim anymore, even if it's just a one-off. 😕

How do you handle storage and transport for a sprawling deckbuilder like Dominion, Thunderstone, or Aeon's End?

A - Always carry the whole set to game night with you
B - Take the best cards / whatever fits in one box, archive the rest
C - Carry just enough for 1-2 games and rerandomize markets et al between sessions
D - Never leave home so the whole collection's on hand anyhow

Finished the Aeon's End: Legacy campaign! I don't want to say too much for fear of spoilers, but I did enjoy the character progression and market management, and all our mages were fucking broken by the end of the game lol.

Also my Aeon's End collection has moved into the Legacy box but looks like it's going to be full soon. I'll probably need to exile the less interesting cards ahead of receiving New Age...

Played 4 games of EXCEED yesterday and taught the game to two newcomers, who seemed to like it. The new Street Fighter release is pretty great for marketing to people who aren't L99 fanboys, which gives me hope for more IPs getting into the system. :)

Man, I've been in a serious board games drought lately :|

Can eating tons of spicy food be a form of self-flagellation?

Why am I constantly most motivated to do whatever is less important than the thing I've actually allocated time for 😐

Also got to learn some expansions:

Concordia: Venus does some interesting things to the way the game plays. I'd have to try it a few more times but right now it feels more like a novelty than something that enriches the game for regular play.

Great Western Trails: Rails to the North adds an extra subsystem which I think is fun to work with, even though I still have no idea how to actually play this game well.

Sitting at 10 new games for the year. I was thinking of moving my goal from 100 to 150 after hitting ~140 the last two years but I've been very lethargic in general this year. 😕

February continues a relatively slow year for new for me.

EXCEED: Street Fighter is as good as I'd expected, and the IP is getting people to actually give the game a look so that's great.

Our Aeon's End: Legacy campaign continues apace and our custom characters are now way above the baseline in non-legacy cores lol.

Gùgōng is another holdover from 2018; a KS that I missed. I like the moving parts and it's great to see a non-European theme in play.

> I should finally join Duolingo to brush up on all those languages I "learned" but never practice.

> Maybe I'll also add a new one just for comparison.

> Hmm, learning Korean on top of the two writing systems I'm already working on is probably a bad idea.

> *adds Klingon and High Valyrian instead*

My singing voice has gotten kind of weak, not sure why.

Welp, there's only one way to fix this.

Also playtested an upcoming Lay Waste Games release, which I must admit I didn't really like. It fixes maybe a couple of the issues I had with their previous release Dragoon, but overall I'm just not their target audience. /shrug

January was a pretty slow month for playing new here -- only 5, and I'm targeting 150 for the year.

Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done and Everdell are holdouts from 2018. They're both pretty good engine builders! I'm glad Crusaders didn't get into weird Deus Vult Purge The Muslims territory (or at least you don't attack them any more than you do the Slavs and Prussians 😕).

Started Aeon's End: Legacy, which has been good if a little easy at first. Looking forward to how that evolves.

ngl my interest in Wargroove revolves solely around doggo

Imagine being interested in languages but not liking to talk to people.


org-plus-contrib, which supports the very useful org-babel mode, now throws a fit if arduino-mode and sclang aren't available. The latter requires a checkout and build of third party audio editing libraries? Or something? I feel like those components should have been rolled back until the authors figure out how to fail gracefully.

Updating properly for the first time in six months and suddenly color-theme loses its shit if particular things (e.g. 'vc-*) aren't defined.

Never update anything, because Linux culture means that anything that doesn't work automatically requires three hours of iterative error message busy work.

Hello new followers! I must confess some curiosity - where did you all find me, given that I post so rarely?

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