Cute BJP bhakts are heaping abuses on Shiv Sena, at a time of the Ayodhya judgement.

Do remember, apart from the BJP, if there is any party that reaped windfall political profit from the Ayodhya movement its the Shiv Sena, especially after the horrible Bombay riots.

Japanese women are protesting against this code of conduct at work that doesn't allow them to wear glasses. Glasses. Yes heard that right. Can you believe we have to fight for this?

As promised, code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

@h_tejas The worst part of this whole thing is there was not really 2much of an issue before 91/92. It wasn't this rabid. Even worse, when the wakf board that owns the land suggested that an all-faiths hospital or school be set up at the spot, who do you think bayed nay! I remember even the SC urging that a common ground be accepted but No! Leave the Muslims aside, sane thinking Hindus are scared today

While the judgment strains to point out that the matter was not decided on faith, it places the onus on Muslims alone to prove exclusive possession of the site.

There is no similar expectation from the Hindu side.

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@jamewils what IF masjid was not demolished ..based on today's judgement would SC have asked govt to demolish it to build the mandir ...

The decides nothing about ancient history (that being the realm of historians). But it communicates quite clearly modern India's values and the permissibility of using mob violence against religious minorities.

So yeah, fuck you if your response is "I don't agree with the SC's verdict but I respect it". You are doing nothing but giving legitimacy to it.

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