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I'll probably get kicked off for saying this, but I remember when feminists were fearless and inspiring heroes, whereas now it seems they're just a bunch of whiney bedwetters who get outraged if you use the wrong pronoun.

Dear millenial "feminists" - grow the fuck up. The more you obsess about how men speak and behave, the more you are defined by them. Grow a vagina and go do something awesome (hint: not a march).

what's so hard to understand about air conditioning??? just turn it on, set the temperature and leave it the fuck alone. I sweat more in this office than I do during sex or heavy shitting.

goddam friday afternoons go slow when sober

also, just noticed an item on my longass TODO list:
* microdosing LSD

I need to make friends with some cool people

I'm on antibiotics and can't drink. Anyone know if I can get high? I haven't smoked weed since I was about 12 and never liked it, but I've been sober all damn week and it's killing me.

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just stumbled on this. probably well known but I found it useful ():

> How the FUCK do people cope with unexpected success? Really?

Expensive alcohol in large quantities followed by naked victory dance in the street.

tmux sitting at 30% cpu since upgrade to latest snapshot. Weird to see it above chrome in top. Anyone know anything?

@nicolai Hah! I wish. It seems more likely their algorithm said "this guy seems to have finally settled on which headphones he's going to buy. Let's milk him for an extra £37"

Wasted an evening trying to research the "best" headphones to buy online on a limited budget. I seem to do it every year. Seriously considering poking out my eardrums with a screwdriver to end the tedious cycle.

1 item in your Basket has changed price.
Sennheiser HD280pro Closed Monitoring Headphones has increased from £79.00 to £116.98"

In the time it took me to walk home from work? Awesome day I'm having...

root@throwaway:~# consul-template --version
Telegraf v1.2.1

ok, that'll be why it can't parse the config then...

it's got a much smaller scope than k8s, and so far in my testing it's worked really well. We're already using consul and vault and it integrates with those, whereas k8s uses etcd and its own secrets management.

I like a lot of the design choices of Nomad. They haven't wasted developer effort on a fancy (broken) web-ui like rancher did, they've kept it minimal. It doesn't do any networking, so I don't have to choose between dozens of net plugins. And it runs binaries containers and vms just fine

@nicolai yeah, k8s on AWS is a kind of pointless unless you're stuck with AWS like we are. Google container engine is k8s already setup, and without crappy docker. Tectonic also looks interesting.

@nicolai what do you use to provision? I tried several (kops, kargo, kubeadm...probably more) and they each had drawbacks.

@nicolai running on what? we're trying to do aws + bare metal. How to provision and how to do networking are current pain points. Nomad avoids both of those

@bliving @nicolai yep, getting everything into terraform will kill 90% of the production issues we see. Of course, it may introduce many exciting new issues!

@nicolai yeah, we containerized everything last year and it was kind of a disaster. I recommended Kubernetes but we went with Rancher. Now we're supposed to be migrating to K8s but I'm feeling more and more love for Nomad. We'll see how it goes

@nicolai yeah, I guess. are you using it where you work then? I'd love to know your experiences