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@Sylva1n use a text editor that supports unicode?

@Algot @drkmttr @teleclimber

The question had nothing to do with Mastodon. It was just a rant in relation to having to jump hurdles to use Confluence without using their crappy interface.

I write in markdown (well, multimarkdown mostly) because it's currently the best option, but it's not great (and no, I'm not capable of doing better).

@drkmttr @teleclimber @Algot

no, it's not hard, I don't think anyone ever said it was. it is terrible, however, as explained here:

@Ash yes, I've had to deal with issues over the years, and most were easily solved with standard tools. You can't say that about proprietary formats that lock your data up in a magical cloud database.

Anyway, it was just a dumb post to vent my grumpiness at confluence, I wasn't aiming for accuracy

@teleclimber @Algot
Agreed, markdown is a disaster and I hate it, but there's not a lot of other good options.

@mulander true, but when have you ever seen vendors mentioning the downsides of their product?

This is an example of a revolutionary new document
format called "Plain Text". Some of the features of this format are:

* supported by every editor!
* requires no internet connection!
* editable on any device, from your phone to your TV!
* simple to backup and restore!
* compare documents with "diff"!
* search documents with "grep"!
* can be modified programaticaly using "sed" and "awk"!
* Plain-text supports every version control system out there!

Try plain-text today!

To those asking about the confluence thing...yeah, I can use confluence (though it crashes my browser randomly).

The problem is that I want our documentation to be stored in git in plain text alongside our infrastructure code. I want to be able to push changes to documentation alongside changes to code. I want to use git commands to see who changed what. I want to be able to edit documentation with the same tools in the same workflow as I do for code.

@badger_ The thing is, I actually *needed* ed, it wasn't just a preference. I was trying to edit sshd config over a flakey serial connection - exactly the situation ed is perfect for

@tonnydourado Exactly. That's why I'm doing this, so we can keep our documentation in git alongside our infrastructure code and edit it using our own text editing tools we've spent the last few decades learning.

how can Debian include so much crap in the base install but not include ed??

so let me get this straight, in order to write documentation for my organization I now need to run linux in a vm that runs docker that runs a container running that runs a haskell script that runs a webservice that converts my plain text documents into confluence format and publishes them on confluence.

OK, that makes sense

@phessler Yeah, but I bet the conference coffee is terrible. That's our revenge.

@phessler a *coffee* break! Oh what has become of my once proud tea-drinking nation?

Stop it! Then I feel bad if I don't follow back. I have no idea what the etiquette is

BTW I'm a bit weirded out by having followers on here, since I mostly just
type random IT related rants so I don't annoy my co-workers with them.

For the record, I won't be upset if anyone unfollows me.

@TexJoachim possibly it just finds all files called *.cfg in that dir and loads them in canonical order.

It's also quite possible that I cocked up royally somewhere...

@TexJoachim me neither. seems very odd, but I confirmed it several times