okay finished the syllabus for creative computing it's gonna be a good year

zoom view of intersection points of all possible creases on a square. I like how the major diagonals have little feathers of points along them

icosahedra on adenoviruses and bacteriophages is like seeing your best friends turned into zombies

testing new localization for my API and if this isn't a nice, unexpected pat on the back

some renders from last night that i'm pretty happy with.


(L) all possible fold lines
(R) all the intersection points

okay, got Reference Finder to generate the full list up to rank 7.

This is how many fold operations are possible on a square paper, using each each previous rank for input.

[rank]: [quantity]

crease lines:
0: 4
1: 4
2: 48
3: 809
4: 15794
5: 173537
6: 1412812
7: 11184380

intersection marks:
0: 4
1: 4
2: 57
3: 981
4: 15451
5: 49968
6: 491339
7: 4888686

damnit i visualized the memory of Robert Lang's reference finder and it's beautiful.

i suppose you would say "all the folds possible on a square, halfway through the 6th iteration"

off-by-one errors exist in origami too. origami and code-the two ways i spend my life. my biography is called off by one error now.

my favorite to arrange was Bach's violin concerto in Am BWV 1041 robbykraft.com/music/Bach1041. it was here I settled on this guitar tab system of dots and dashes to indicate note duration mastodon.social/media/O5b0flLn

uploaded a lot of sheetmusic over the holiday: robbykraft.com/sheetmusic/

- managed to get Philip Glass' Mad Rush down to 6 pages
- a Chopin hosted on IMSLP
- some fav video game music: Uematsu, Shimomura, Fujita (and I performed some of them robbykraft.com/audio/magnetman )

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