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"We found a species that was so dumb that they poisoned themselves out of existence, but not before they colonized their own moon BY ACCIDENT." -- clickbait headline written by aliens 10,000 years from now

ok I paid for a Mastodon app (Mast) which means I will definitely stick to using it now, right?

via ohhooboy in the other place, this amazing anecdote about William Ah Ket, the first Chinese-Australian barrister, from an ABC profile amp-abc-net-au.cdn.ampproject.

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Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

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I'm having fun with Holedown, on Virginia's recommendation. The gameplay is a bit like a mix of Breakout, Tetris, and Orbital's precision mode. (Orbital remains the best local two-player iPad game, even five years after its release.)

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tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win


So my grand plan to get a bit of work done during the day while also parenting a toddler who refuses to nap was not so grand. She doesn’t go to bed until after 8, either, so by the time I get to look at anything I’m too tired to even read. So now I am in bed and I will just have to see if I can squeeze some extra hours out of tomorrow. 🙃

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Here are some Things I've thought about / read / watched / played in the last couple of weeks:

Good morning, tooters. 

Monday is my day off but I’ve been up since 5 doing work before the toddler rises, and will probably have to pull an all nighter tonight.

I am so very tired.

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hot tv tale 

Not content with being a shit legal parody, Rake has branched out into being a shit political parody. And it still glorifies a real life sexual predator, so… nup.

Re: last RT 

“Twitter but better” is 100% how Mastodon promotes itself

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I think what people seem to be expecting from Mastodon is something like twitter but better. That is a centralised system with better tools for dealing with harrassment etc.

The problem is that federated is a very different approach than the centralised bit

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From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).


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