Does it seem as though the Oscars controversy involves: 1) one actor slaps another after a wisecrack 2) the Internet expresses OUTRAGE!! 3) peace is restored by a wise old woman The Oscars used to script their jokes, but I guess now they script their drama, too.

I watched a few minutes of a speech given by a longtime friend of mine running for office in California's 2nd senate district (<>). I'm conflicted, because he's running as a Republican. Here's a speech he gave recently:

Many of my friends are using Facebook to complain about Facebook's behavior, and calling for Facebook's regulation. Though I've been trying for years, I haven't gotten any of them to try one of the alternatives (like this one....)

Cobblers generally have pretty good shoes these days, but there's no guarantee that a surgeon will get good surgery (on themselves) these days: Thanks anti-vaxxers!

Working on two projects that involve Perl, Python, and Bash. What can possibly go wrong?

Did the CR vs LF vs CRLF battle ever get resolved? According to Apache's bug tracker, the battle still rages:

The F-word network seems to be trying to drive me off their platform. I've been warned about "hate speech".

I'm going to have to run a poll on Mastodon next week. Here's my birdsite poll for "what should @robla rehearse for karaoke?":

"The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published in 1925, but only entered the public domain last month. Now it's one of the books in this project:

These "illuminated editions" look gorgeous (and expensive); they hint at what would be possible with a larger public domain. Of course Beehive Books relies on restrictive copyright terms to protect the new artwork--we can't seem to shake artificial scarcity even when building new things.

Working on my website now. Hashtag:

Back in the early 1990s, I thought this song was due for a grungy remake: <>. With crunchy guitar, but it still would need good vocals. Agnetha's vocals are pretty tough to beat.

It's been about a year since I added this to my list of stuff to read: . It seems a timely time to read it now, especially as my left-wing friends start saying anti-liberal things.

Good news, Google doesn't advise walking across the rail trestle that collapsed. The bad news, it recommends walking across the Yakima River:

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I found something really interesting on Open Street Maps. It's the exact location of the train trestle that was completely destroyed a couple of weeks ago. It made the news (it even made the news all over the state), but the local reporting didn't say exactly where it was. Now I know: . It was the "Granger Subdivision Train Trestle", and that train line won't be carrying any trains anytime soon. I wonder if there's still an active grain elevator in Whitstran....

A friend of mine from Kentucky made a public post on Facebook about Mitch McConnell. Everyone who is voting in Kentucky in this coming November 2020 election should read this:

David Brooks in the NYTimes: Brooks spells out how the Democratic Party is a "normal" coalition-building party, but calls the current Republican party: "an anti-political insurgency that, even before Trump, has been elevating candidates with no political experience and who don’t believe in the compromise and jostle of politics." The term "honorable politician" is NOT an oxymoron, and we need to stop sneering at their work if we hope to replace the crooks and liars.

I'm hoping I can get done with the copyediting of this blog post today: I wrote it late on Friday night on the F-word network, and then copied it to . I'm hoping I can reply to a comment that @brion made after I'm done with that, but I may not get to it today.

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