Oops, here's the link I meant to post: bit.ly/CMV-nationalism-is-ok (it *should* be safe to surround a link with angle brackets...that's a bug in Mastodon)

I'm trying to change someone's view on the "Change My View" Reddit. They think nationalism is awful. I'm pointing out the good side of nationalism. (<bit.ly/CMV-nationalism-is-ok>) We'll see if I change their mind at all.

Happy new year, and happy public domain day! :) Here's background on some of the works that enter the public domain as of today in Canada and the EU - and how decades worth of public domain works were stolen from the public by the United States Congress:


(Unlike the authors, I oppose copyright and patents on principle, but retroactive copyright term extension is particularly illustrative of the damaging effects of intellectual monopoly rights.)

I wonder what Ajit Pai thinks of Roy Moore. Someone should ask him...

3/ I love pointing out to right-wingers that, if history is any guide, Trump will demolish Republicans this term the way that Carter demolished the Democrats in 1977-1981 medium.com/@robla/carter-popul

2/ It's not *too* surprising that Mike Pence would go for neoliberal Carter. From The New Republic: "Carter and likeminded Democrats kept at arm’s length a vibrant ’70s grassroots left that included a revived labor movement, growing women’s and gay and lesbian right’s groups, and a bevy of new multi-issue organizations, such as ACORN, Common Cause, and Public Citizen. Nonetheless, when Reagan defeated Carter, neolibs blamed Carter’s alleged liberalism." archive.is/Sq3eV

1/ McKay Coppins in The Atlantic describes Mike Pence's journey from staunch Jimmy Carter supporter (!) to Reagan proselyte and then Trump sycophant: theatlantic.com/magazine/archi (h/t Jay Walsh twitter.com/jansonw/status/938 )


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