I'm pretty proud of the article I put together regarding the CA-10 race: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Californ Please read it before it gets deleted :-/

2/ Here's just one of the many prescient observations in McGovern's editorial: "Permit me to suggest one valuable step that the American people could readily understand and appreciate: extend the existing Medicare system, which now finances health care for Americans 65 and older, to those 6 years of age and under. This is a one-sentence health care bill that requires no new federal bureaucracy."

Here's an amazing George McGovern editorial written in December 1994, shortly after the Republicans won back control of congress for the first time since 1954: washingtonpost.com/archive/opi The editorial could have been written in 2018.

Oops, here's the link I meant to post: bit.ly/CMV-nationalism-is-ok (it *should* be safe to surround a link with angle brackets...that's a bug in Mastodon)

I'm trying to change someone's view on the "Change My View" Reddit. They think nationalism is awful. I'm pointing out the good side of nationalism. (<bit.ly/CMV-nationalism-is-ok>) We'll see if I change their mind at all.

Happy new year, and happy public domain day! :) Here's background on some of the works that enter the public domain as of today in Canada and the EU - and how decades worth of public domain works were stolen from the public by the United States Congress:


(Unlike the authors, I oppose copyright and patents on principle, but retroactive copyright term extension is particularly illustrative of the damaging effects of intellectual monopoly rights.)

I wonder what Ajit Pai thinks of Roy Moore. Someone should ask him...

3/ I love pointing out to right-wingers that, if history is any guide, Trump will demolish Republicans this term the way that Carter demolished the Democrats in 1977-1981 medium.com/@robla/carter-popul

2/ It's not *too* surprising that Mike Pence would go for neoliberal Carter. From The New Republic: "Carter and likeminded Democrats kept at arm’s length a vibrant ’70s grassroots left that included a revived labor movement, growing women’s and gay and lesbian right’s groups, and a bevy of new multi-issue organizations, such as ACORN, Common Cause, and Public Citizen. Nonetheless, when Reagan defeated Carter, neolibs blamed Carter’s alleged liberalism." archive.is/Sq3eV

1/ McKay Coppins in The Atlantic describes Mike Pence's journey from staunch Jimmy Carter supporter (!) to Reagan proselyte and then Trump sycophant: theatlantic.com/magazine/archi (h/t Jay Walsh twitter.com/jansonw/status/938 )


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