We recently found a YouTube channel from an Australian doggie daycare and it has become Molly's can't-miss viewing.

I just saw a woman wearing a T-shirt for a dog rescue charity and the T-shirt said "DOG LIVES MATTER" and I think I'm ok with wrapping it up on humanity.

I don't understand people who stay with partners who have awful, hurtful opinions. My wife just told me Clue is a terrible movie and I said she had an hour to move out.

This article is a devastating indictment of left-leaning gatekeepers, and the last paragraph is absolutely heartbreaking.


Spent days on a project - sanding, primering, filling, sanding some more, painting, drying. Put a color coat on top, layered with glitter, and topped with a crystal shellac. Immediately dropped it on the grass and fucked up the entire finish.

I'm gonna be on my computer killing stuff if anyone needs me.

- Zigdorf's Cursed Hot Dog Powder: When sprinkled over any food or drink it makes that item taste like hot dogs.

Today I fell down a rabbit hole on Amazon looking at dehydrated foods. There's a whole wide weird world of food products that people have found ways to dehydrate and/or powder. After Doomsday all that's going to be left are preppers washing down their powdered spinach with spoonfuls of powdered strawberry milk.

Say what you will about Moby, but without Moby constantly stealing from poor black musicians white people would've never thought twice about all the artists who only occasionally stole from poor black musicians.

The documentary about Moby is produced and directed by Moby. I wonder how many people said no to the project before they gave Moby a call.

It's hot. If I asked DoorDash to deliver me one ice cream cone from Tastee Freeze, what's the likelihood the driver would lick the drippy sprinkles off of the side of the cone?

This little girl was chasing birds on my neighbor's lawn this morning. Immediately after I took this photo she banked a hard right and ran face first into that tree.
Nature is amazing.

Sterilite 28 quart storage containers seem to have gone extinct. Sucks to be me because I'd already started using them for costuming storage and now I can't find containers to match. It's an odd thing to suddenly disappear from the market.

I occasionally send my wife images from horrifying or weird AliExpress listings. This morning I sent her a picture of a person cradling a sex toy the size of a labrador. (attached is part of our chat and not said sex toy)

Molly wants to know where she's supposed to go to pick up her grilled pizza.

A while back I was lamenting the milkshake ducking of Cocktail Nation and asking for jazz/lounge music podcast recommendations and someone suggested Jazz with Bob Parlocha. I'd never lived in a market where Bob aired, so I missed him live, but I've been more than enjoying the available archive of his shows. It's lovely to listen to someone so passionate and knowledgeable talk about their favorite subject. And he plays some great tunes.


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