I mean, I guess the part that surprises me the most is that the Trump administration is using NASA to reveal that they've got proof Hunter Biden went to the moon.

I am shocked, shocked, that the guy who opened up the first episode of The Cut by musing about how women can't compete with men turned out to also be a racist. Shocked.

I'm glad to see the writers of Discovery learned from the mistakes of the first two seasons and didn't try to make season 3 all about Burnham.

One of the primary jobs of a GM is to listen to the party debating how they are going to proceed and quietly slip them really really bad ideas.

One of the best early Prime Day deals is an offer where you spend $10 at select small businesses and you get $10 credit on Prime Day, Tuesday.

There are a number of gaming related shops taking part like Broken Token, Wiz Dice and Litko.

Find a list of participants on the blog.

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You will never convince me that Giles and Mary on Gogglebox aren't actors.

A different group of pink mushrooms. This ones got a thick, tonguey-looking fella in it, but a couldn't get a good angle on him without squishing the other group.

How long do I keep ignoring this open tab of a thing I intend to read before I admit I'm never going to and close it?

Post Malone looks like Shia LaBeouf cosplaying as Jared Leto's Joker.

Harvested the remaining green onions from our garden today.
Previous years, we've just tried to use up as many as we could before winter, but this year the box was still mostly full when first frost hit, so we turned to the internet for freezing instructions.
The house smells like one big onion right now.

I've updated my games page. Only stuff that's at a public-playable level is there. One of these days I'll get around to setting up an Itch account, but until then it's an old school personal domain.


Those TV show episodes where the main character has some kind of wacky extended hallucination? The ones where the hallucination turns out to be an important revelation about the character's mental state?
I hate those episodes.

I've only this week discovered Money for Nothing. It's not the deepest show on TV, but it's a good brain-off binge. And now I learn that the same week I start watching, one of the hosts has died of cancer.
Rest in peace, EJ. I've only recently discovered you, your show, and your Instagram, but I thank you anyway for being a light in the world.

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