Small bar + poor ventilation + sleepover party theme = sweaty Steveo. These satin PJs seemed like a good idea beforehand.

It really hurts my feelings that the rest of the party keep dropping cucumbers behind my Tabaxi.

Last minute decision to head to Vegas for BHOF means last minute travel planning. I'm still not sure I'm ready to be out in public and this is not a baby step.

If you didn't want me to chuck a vial of poison in the face of your Big Bad orc boss then earlier in the campaign you shouldn't have given me a poison trap to disable from which I could pry loose a vial of poison.

Trying, and failing, to explain to my wife the appeal of Girl_DM.

How am I only hearing about sushi dice *after* they sell out?

Also, it tickles me to death that one of the reasons he cites to refute Countdown rumors is that he and Susie Dent are mortal enemies.

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Special shoutout to Digital Spy for going with "Taskmaster's Richard Osman" instead of one of the bazillion shows he's actually produced.

Tonight our movie group watched the original Conan the Barbarian. Still holds up. Amazing score. Fantastic sets. Great script by Oliver Stone. And James Earl Jones as one of the best, most evil movie villains of all time.

In case you're wondering how the Internet is doing these days, I just checked in with a Taskmaster group I follow and there's a rabid debate about the size of Alex's rubber duck.

Somehow, casting Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al makes me even more excited for the Weird Al biopic.

It's animal abuse if you don't make up songs with your pets names in them.

We spent a ridiculous amount of time debating whether or not Sphere of Darkness would offer any protection if you have a sun allergy.

Tonight I found a legal combination that lets my D&D character do a heinous amount of damage to bad guys. I've never been much of a minmaxer as a player, so whenever I find something like this it always feels like both a victory and a reason to stop playing the character.

Ok, back stage photo from tonight's show. Almost all of the layers are made from scratch - you only get to see the foamcore layer.

I've spent the last three weeks huffing paint and glue fumes, now it's time to go see the finished costume on stage.

Wow, Mastodon is jumping today. Did something happen?

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