I grew up in Philly, a city with little cold weather infrastructure and now live in Anchorage, a city with nothing but cold weather infrastructure.

It's fun to make fun of places that freak out over two inches of surprise snow, but remember that severe storms, the kind that Texas and the central US are having right now, are dealt with in cold-weather areas using MILLIONS of dollars of infrastructure.


That infrastructure doesn't just include snow plows. It's modifications for city and emergency vehicles. It's building planning. It's insulation. It's the cold weather clothing that families have to pay for themselves.

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Places that are normally temperate or warm weather can not be expected to spend all that money "just in case".

So yeah, when Philly shuts down because of flurries, I call my family members babies. But I'm a little more understanding when it's a severe weather change in a place unprepared for it.

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